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How to decorate an L shaped living room?

The decoration of an L shaped living room is often a challenge for the household. The basic characteristic of this living room is that it gives an aerial view.  This odd shaped room normally consists on one large wall along with a combination of two or more walls opposite to this one wall. This is the main point that makes the decoration of this odd shape room difficult and more complicated. The main thing that is cranky is the selection of right furniture items in this space.

Apart from this the room should also be filled with limited items you are supposed to display every single item instead just place a few once to give it a spacious yet comfortable outlook. Here are some of the points that will describe you an easy yet cost effective process to plan for an adorable décor.

Let’s take a look!

  1. The first thing to deal with is that you plan for perfect furniture like luxury leather beds for your living room. For such a weird shaped room you need to pick selective yet attractive items. It will be preferred to choose a three seater leather sofa bed, the quality of leather sofa bed is that it is extremely comfortable and is trendy as well. Apart from this it will be a perfect focal point of your room. Moreover the leather sofa in white color will bring a spacious look in the entire room. With this sofa you can, place a center table and a couple of additional small chairs for extra seats. Avoid the placement of unnecessary furniture items, because it will bring an over crowded ambiance.
  2. The second thing to deal with is that fill up the empty walls with small storage items. For this you can fix a smartly designed book rack for the placement of your favorite books. A wall rack can also be designed in such a way that it could be utilize in displaying your small decoration pieces.
  3. The third important point is the selection of appropriate colors. You have to choose such colors which bring a bright and spacious touch, this means that prefer the walls tinted in plain white or in any other light color. Not only walls the floor covering should also be in lighter shade. All such items will bring an amazing atmosphere which will be pretty and comfortable as well.
  4. Dealing with the doors and windows is also an important point. For this room you can hang plain sheer fabric long curtains. The maximum length will give a graceful look and the color will give an alluring feeling.
  5. Last but not the least is an addition of a focal point which could be your television. The most important thing is that your TV should be fixed on appropriate wall because everyone wishes to see and wrong wall selection can make the entire room look cluttered and very uncomfortable. It will be better if you fix it on the wall against the sofa bed.

This post is written by Wilson and he is a guest blogger him most of the post are about faux leather beds with storage and sofa beds along with their right placement within any home. I hope this informative post could be beneficial for you.

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