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How to Find Your Perfect Used Car

If you’ve ever had do go through the ordeal of looking for a new car, then you know that it can be a time-consuming task. It can cost you some money and your nerves as well. Despite it being a fairly difficult task, searching for the right used car is like a hobby for some people and these people know their way around an engine, know what to look for and can see through the salesman’s pitch. Unfortunately not everyone has the level of expertise and the experience needed to pick out a good car amongst mediocre and bad ones.

Define what constitutes a perfect car

Not everyone has the same idea of what the perfect car is supposed to look and feel like, but you will also find many different interpretations of what the best car for a particular job or situation is. Whereas someone who is young and looking to impress the ladies would find a V8 sports car an ideal option, a soccer mom with three young kids is going to be in the market for something bigger like an SUV or a minivan.

Once you know what the right type is for you, then it’s time to look at the reputable companies that have good offerings in that field, and browse through some of the competitive options. Safety, reliability and comfort are the key features that everyone can get behind, no matter what they are looking for, so look at some of the statistics. Another thing you can do is look at the database of the cars that have been stolen the most in the past couple of years and avoid those cars as the insurance companies keep track of such things and will hit you with higher premiums.

Do some online investigating

Try to find out the value of a used car of the type, brand and model you are looking for, so you will know how much you will have to pay and what deals are rip offs. The online community is a great place to find information on how certain cars perform in the long run and what the most common problems are. It’s just like looking for a dog – you want to know some of the characteristics of the breed and the health issues they are likely to experience.

The best way to get said information is from previous owners on car forums. You also want to look into the reputation of the used car dealerships in your area and examine their stock.

Learn as much as you can about the particular car you are offered

When you have everything you need and you go to the dealership, take your time and try to inspect the car the salesman is showing you. Don’t get caught up looking at the shiny paint and listening to what the salesman has to say about the car – check it out for yourself, take it for a test drive and try to get a decent price. If you don’t really like it, trust your instinct and ask to see a different car, don’t try to be too polite and don’t buy into the hype.

Get some outside help

You have a few choices in this regard. You can take the professional route and hire car brokers to find a car for you. The theory behind this is that you call them up, tell them what you want and, for a nominal fee, they conduct a country-wide search for some good deals on the type of car you need. They have the connections and know-how, you have the money and in the end everyone wins. The other option is to find someone amongst your close friends and family who actually knows a bit about cars, like a mechanic or someone that has had some experience in buying used cars, and taking him along with you. The idea here is you find out what you want, find a place that offers the kind of vehicle you need and then keep your mouth shut and let your helper do the talking.

Buying a used car means you can potentially save a lot of money and still get a very good and reliable car, even a car that you always wanted but couldn’t afford to buy new. Of course it takes a keen eye and a lot of research to get an idea of what constitutes a great deal, but if you can take the time to plan your purchase with some level of detail, you won’t be disappointed.

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