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How to Retrieve a Stolen iPhone 5

So you have just traded in your phone for a brand new iPhone 5, and you continue to be amazed by its brilliant features. But what will you do if it’s lost, or worse still, stolen? It is vital that you know beforehand, what to do in such an event.

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Most people in this day and age, can’t live without a cellphone. So much more if you own an iPhone 5. Whether you are in the office or just at home, Smartphones help you accomplish tasks with its various apps and not to mention that they play a very important part in keeping in touch with the important people in our lives. Always make sure that you take extra care of your phone. Here are some tips that can help you retrieve your lost or stolen iPhone.

You must do the following:

  • Call your phone
  • Find the my iPhone app
  • You may file an insurance claim and a police report
  • Perform a remote wipe so that your data cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons
  • Inform the main people on your contact list

Apple has created the ‘My iPhone’ app to help you if at all you have the misfortune of having your iPhone stolen or lost.

First you need to install the app on your phone; you can find it in the App Store. Login to your Apple account and set up Mobile Me, by entering your Apple account login info. Once the Mobile Me account is created you can use the Find My iPhone feature. You can track your lost iPhone from a computer or another iOS device.

Once the app is launched you will see all your devices and location services, you can configure three settings like display a message+ play sound, remote lock and remote wipe. Remotely wiping your device will delete all the info on your phone.

To enable this feature you only need to go to Settings from Home Screen, and navigate to Find my iPhone from the iCloud tab within settings, and slide it on.

By signing in, the icon for Find My iPhone will be displayed. Clicking on it will take you to a demo page showing the location of your iPhone on Google 3 D maps. At the upper left side, go to Devices and select you iPhone. It will zoom in to show you the precise location and a popup box will display when the device as monitored and how much battery life remains.

Three options are then displayed: you can make the iPhone play a sound, remote lock it or remote wipe it. If you are certain that the phone is somewhere nearby, you can use the first option, to play a sound. Otherwise you can choose either of the other two options.

The Lost mode in the iPhone allows remote locking and requests a number to call back. You can send a message to the iPhone saying it is lost and specify a number for the user to call you. If you are lucky, the person who found your phone may call you and return the device.

Ensure that location service is turned on and that it can be used on your apps like maps and compass in addition to Find my iPhone.

You can enable location Services by navigating to Privacy tab in the Settings Menu, and sliding it on.

You can also set if you want the option to check remote tracking of your phone; just go to Location services – my iPhone – Settings and turn the status bar on or off as you wish. You can also enable or disable the status bar. If it is turned on, it will display in the status bar if you are tracking the phone from another device.

Set up a Restriction Pass code:

By setting up a pass code you can ensure that nobody can alter or access particular apps like the Find my iPhone app. This pass code is not the same as your screen lock pass code and is entirely different.

How to Set Restrictions:

From Home Screen go to Settings – General Restrictions and select Enable Restrictions. You will be then prompted to enter you Pass code. Then go to Location Services and select Don’t Allow Changes.

The best precaution to take is to never leave it out anywhere in public; there are tech savvy burglars who can get around even these safety features. Technology advancement has come a long way and became part of our daily lives.

I hope these tips will help you or somehow alleviate the situation when you lost your iPhone.


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