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Ideal Life Span of Various Home Appliances

It hasn’t remained difficult anymore to judge whether it’s better to repair a product or to replace it. The best formula for it is that if the appliance have gone a long way, around half or more of its expected life, and the cost of repair is more than half of the price of the replacement, then it’s better to replace the appliance. It doesn’t make any sense to spend huge amount of money on a machine that’s going to last just for a few more months or years. But the plain calculation stated above is just to estimate roughly. If you want to make a better decision in this direction, you must heed following points also.

Does it Really Need Repair– Sometimes some petty problems like a short in the plug or a tripped circuit breaker can make the appliance cease to perform. You can have a look at that part of its instruction manual which explains the common problems and solutions associated with the appliance.

  • The frequency of the Problem– If the problem has appeared for the first time, it’s better to go for the repairs. However, if the problem with the appliance appears frequently even after getting repaired carefully and Taking good care of it, you must think about getting it replaced.
  • The Exact Cost of the Repairs– You must be knowing what the cost of the appliance repair to decide whether to go for it or not. You can do it by collecting estimates from some of the reputed appliance repair service providers operating around. These estimates are offered without any charges.
  • The Exact Cost of Replacement– This factor is also as important as the cost of the repairs as these two are the main basis of the comparison. You can determine the cost of latest replacements available by visiting the sites of various electronics stores or manufacturers. These sites avail online quotes also.
  • Any Extra Charges on Delivery or Installation of New Appliance– You must take all the allied costs associated with the acquisition of the new appliance into account to determine its actual cost. Some appliances attract heavy taxes also, they should also be considered carefully.
  • Various Economical Benefits– New Appliances don’t come with the additional charges only, they come with some economic benefits also like energy savings and tax credits. These benefits should also be kept in view while making the decision.

The decision regarding repair or replacement should be based on thoughtful observation of all the above factors. Now let’s see how long should various appliances last.

Refrigerators– Refrigerators and freezers should last 10 to15 years. The models of these appliances consume lots of energy so purchasing a new one will offer you great savings in a long run. The latest models are three times more energy efficient than the older ones. Moreover, some companies provide a reward check for replacement of these appliances if you allow them to pick up the old one from your house. The reward check may range from $25 to $50.

  • Dishwasher– An ideal life span of a dishwasher should also range from 10 to 15 years. But in order to make dishwasher run this long, they should be taken good care of. You must have a look at the instruction manual of the machine and follow the instructions laid out therein.
  • Washing Machine– Washing machines and dryers also come under the category. In which appliances last approximately 10 to 15 years. However, one of the most common problems that may occur with these machines is that it takes unreasonably long time to dry clothes. Usually people call professionals for it and pay huge repair bills but you will be surprised to know that in most of such cases the problem is with the dryer vent, which can easily be fixed without any external help. There are many similar problems which don’t require any substantial expenditures. If such problems are identified and fixed within reasonable time limits, owners can enjoy long and hassle free life of these appliances.
  • Ovens– Here’s a change, these machines may last from 10 years to as long as 20 years. The biggest and easiest secret to this long life is that don’t let grease build up on the interiors of the oven. This accumulation of grease can make it go out of commission over the time. Also, some components and parts of these appliances are very sensitive to electrical surges. The solution to this problem is surge suppressor which costs from $70 to $300.
  • Water Heaters– Water heaters last 10 to 20 years. You can enjoy better performance and long life of your water heater by following just a simple suggestion. Drain approximately 1 liter of water from your heater tank four times a year to let the heater to get rid of sediments. The sediment slows down the process of heat transfer and reduces the efficiency of the heater.
  • Air Conditioning Systems– These systems should ideally last 15 to 20 years. Air conditioning system supposes to be one of the most expensive appliances of a home. They can run for a long time to keep your home cool if you pay good attention to them. The breakdown of these systems can make it very uncomfortable for you to spend a summer night and also, the replacements of them costs very high.

There’s a simple suggestion that may work for almost all the household appliances, get them serviced regularly. Regular services make sure that these appliances work perfectly and don’t break down in middle of scorching summers. However, if they exhibit any problems, there are plenty of efficient appliance repair service providers in Las Vegas. These professionals are offering their services at very reasonable charges.

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