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Immigration visa interview questions You Should Expect

visa immigration

The process of obtaining permanent residency is usually very stressful and requires a lot of patience and nerves. However, for many people, the trials and tribulations of endless paperwork and uncertainty pale in comparison with the horror that is the immigration interview. It is of utmost importance for everyone to prepare well for their interview, especially for the people who are nervous by nature. This is because, although it is true that a lot depends on it, once you go there all confident and positive, you will go through the interview without problems. In this article, we will try to get you acquainted with the questions which interviewers are likely to ask you and help you answer them in the wisest possible way.

Filling forms can be a daunting task – a lot of similar questions and ambiguous wording can practically force us to make a mistake. If it happens, and you don’t fill some of the forms properly, expect a question about it at the interview. Don’t panic, however. Answer the truth and nothing but the truth and don’t worry, everything will be fine. The only mistake you can make is to get nervous and try to improvise – do not make things up because chances are good you will regret it.

Don’t be puzzled by the interviewer’s questions. If they ask you what your parents names are, they are not asking that because they need the info (they probably already have it), but to see the way you respond to those questions. Keep calm and give them the answer they want.

If they ask you about your usual day, what they want to know is your daily routine. Answer truthfully with not too many details. You don’t want to talk too much and tell them long stories about your life, because you will sound like you made it all up.

One of the main reasons why it’s important to remain calm and concentrated (as well as why it’s essential not to lie) is that the interviewers will often employ the old tactics of asking the same question twice. If, for example, they ask you what the color of your wife’s toothbrush is, expect that, at some point during the conversation, this question is going to come up again. If you can’t remember what the color of your wife’s toothbrush is (and it’s not an uncommon thing), you should reply honestly that you don’t know. If despite our advice you decide to lie, at least try hard to remember your response and don’t let yourself be caught red handed.

Preparing yourself with the help of the frequent questions we listed above can help you a lot in your quest of conquering the immigration interview. If you have some additional doubts or questions, our strong recommendation is that you visit an immigration lawyer in New York City or anywhere else close to you. Their professional help will be invaluable and will give you that extra boost you need to fulfill your goal.

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