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The importance of Shade sails in car detailing

We all love having that beautiful clean and shiny car as if it is fresh from the showroom or the local car detailer. Keeping our valued vehicles looking brand new is a challenge, as constraints on our time are ever tightening with work, kids and watching sports taking up most of our time. Below, you will find 7 tips to keeping the exterior of your car in top condition.

The wheels

The wheels collect dust from the asphalt and brakes that can be difficult to get off, and if not cleaned regularly will eat away at your shiny chrome alloys. When cleaning your wheels, it is recommended to use a degreaser to get the tough greasy stains off. The wheels and tires should be cleaned before the car, as any spills onto the paint will have to be cleaned off straight away.

Wash regularly

Washing the car regularly will prevent dirt and bird droppings from settling on your paint and damaging your paint. Try to remove the bird feces as soon as you notice it. Do not use a household dishwashing detergent, as it will remove your protective layer of way as well as the dirt. Always wash your car using a proper car wash solution.

Wash by hand

Washing your car by hand rather than processing it through an automatic car wash, will take more time, but it will allow you do feel where the tough stains are, which may need some extra attention. When a car dries, the water will leave dirt and minerals. The professionals use a silicon squeegee to remove the excess water after washing the cars.


To get that extra shine from your car, you will have to polish it after cleaning it. Make certain you removed all the dust and grime in the previous process. You get the best results by using a polishing machine, but be aware that improper usage by inexperienced hands can harm the paint.

Wax on

The protective wax that comes with your new car wears off with time, and it is important to reapply to protect your paint job from stains and scratches. Depending on how frequently your car is exposed to the sun, you may need to do this annually. When waxing your car, it is recommended to apply two coats of wax, with the second treatment getting to the areas you might have missed during the first application. And obviously, this process should follow after a clean and polish, as you do not want to apply a protective layer over the specks of dust and grimy residue on your paint.

Glass cleaning

Last of all, clean the glass, as you will have to remove the residue from the previous processes. When cleaning the glass, use a liquid glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth, but be careful not to spill the liquid on the vinyl upholstery as it may discolour it.


If you want to extend the time between cleaning, polishing and waxing your car, it is important to keep it away from the damaging sun. UV rays will discolour your car, especially the dark colours. It will also make the protective coat wear off sooner. Keep the car garaged as much as you can, and if you do not have space in the garage, consider investing in a car shade sail, which will protect your car from both the sun and those pesky birds.

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