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Indoor Plants Bringing Life to your Home

Your home is the place where you can pour your soul out while decorating. It becomes the very reflection of your personality and the harmony between the family members. Home is where we come after the day’s hard work and feel at ease. No matter how luxurious a holiday is, it is returning home that gives the most pleasure, satisfaction, and peace of mind. Thus, it is imperative that your home is always lively and fresh. It should be able to infuse you with freshness every time you’re there. It should be able to comfort you.

Having indoor plants is one of the most beautiful ways of adding life to your homes. Ideally, there should be a minimum of one plant in each room, including the bathrooms and the kitchen. They can easily be taken from some of the removals and storage companies in Wiltshire (Dorset).    They purify the air and come with a number of health benefits, de-stress you and make you feel good when you tend to them. Here is some information on a few plants that work best for indoors and are easy to maintain-

Jade plant- this is one of the easiest plants to maintain. It is a happy green in color and requires very less water. Obviously it’ll grow better if placed next to a window, but it can also survive in the lesser airy corners of the room.

Swiss Cheese Plant- with its beautiful, large leave, this plant grows pretty quickly and is very good for purifying air. The best effects are seen in humid air. It may not be very happy under direct sunlight though.

African Violet- These gorgeous little purple flowers can brighten up any room. of course, with flowers involved, you have to take a little extra care. The plant flowers throughout the year and hence would need more sunlight. It would be best to keep it near a sunny window. Keep the plant hydrated.

Peace Lily- You can have these absolutely delightful lilies with minimum efforts. They do not require a lot of sunlight or water, in fact, more sun than required can turn the leaves yellow. They need to be watered regularly but the soil should be dry before you water. Please note that these have been found to be poisonous to cats.

Miniature Date Palm- If you love greens, then these are must haves for you. Best place in a large drawing room or the dining area, these can reach to a whooping 5 feet in height, but the growth is very slow. They can last really long if taken care of. Give it a little spot light and you have a brilliant masterpiece right there in your room!

Aloe- This wondrous plant is a brilliant keep to purify the air and you have a regular supply of all-natural, undiluted aloe gel to treat your skin. However, these do require a lot of sun, therefore plan on an aloe plant only if you have a sunny corner it.

With these plants perched in your rooms, you are bound to be happy and have a healthy life! Most the things are easily available in market or you can have them from some storage and removals companies in Bath.

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