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Install Outdoor Security Cameras Easily

Security is utmost for the protection of your home and family. An outdoor security camera will allow you to see what is going on at all times and it can be easily installed. All that is needed is the video camera and some items for securing the camera. Many of these items you may have around the house and the ones that you do not can be found at most large retailers, hobby shops or building supply stores. There is no need to dig holes in the lawn because the power needed for the camera is available from outlets that are present on the outside of most homes. Outdoor wireless security cameras do not have wires and install quite easily as well.

outdoor wireless security cameras

Items needed to Secure the Camera

These items are all that is needed to install the camera. Generally the tripod, the outdoor housing, wiring, and the camera rail are included when you purchase the security camera. If not, you will need to purchase the items. The following items are what you will need to get your camera set up for use.

Duct tape
20 foot extension cord (make certain it is for outdoor use)
Philips screwdriver
Utility knife
Wire strippers

How to Install the Camera

Once you have gathered everything needed, the camera rail can be placed flat on a table with the tripod screw facing you. This should be screwed into the bottom of the camera, attaching the camera and the rail securely. Next, using the wire strippers take off about a half inch of the insulation from the ends of both wires. There are two holes in the back of the security camera that have tabs. Press the tabs in and put the wires in these holes. Then release the tabs so they will hold the wire that was inserted.

The outdoor housing should be placed on the table face up so you can take the screws out of the side using the Philips screwdriver. Remove the cover and lay it to the side. Place the camera inside the outdoor housing with the rail side down. One end has a transparent cover. The lens should be facing this cover. Line up the rail and the groove and move the rail so the lens on the front of the camera is against this cover. Place the screws in the side of the rail and use the Philips screwdriver to secure the rail to the bottom of the housing.

The outdoor housing has a power block with a hole covered by a tab. This should be the end that is the farthest away from you. Look for the exposed wire on the camera that is also the farthest away from you and place this wire into the hole and release the tab. Repeat the process for the second hole on the power block and the second exposed wire on the camera.

On the 20 foot extension cord, cut the female socket off and split the two wires using the utility knife. The wires will pull apart after the initial cut. Remove approximately a half inch of the insulation from both using the wire strippers. Take these two wires and push them through the hole in the back of the outdoor housing. On each end of the power block, there are holes and tabs. Put one end of the wire that you just stripped into one and release the tab and repeat for the second one. Tape the inner part of the hole using duct tape.

Reattach the cover on the outdoor housing and screw in place. If you have already chosen a spot for the security camera, this is where you will want to place the tripod for the camera and attach the screw that is mounted at the top of the tripod to the tripod hole located on the bottom of the housing. If there is not a hole at the bottom, remove the screw and glue can be used to attach the top of the tripod and the bottom of the housing. Plug the extension cord into the outside wall outlet and the camera is ready to set up for use.

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