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kitchen chimney brands in india

kitchen chimney

Function of Kitchen chimney

also known as cooking hood in kitchen is to take out the fumes made out of cooking, keeping the kitchen fresh and healthy.It is very important to have proper ventilation through kitchen chimney for the cook to inhale fresh air.

KitchenChimney is placed just above the cook-top and it sucks the fumes and by suction motors placed inside it. It works in two modes

1.Ducting mode : When the fumes are thrown out of the kitchen.i.e. by a pipe which is connected to the kitchen chimney having its end outside the kitchen where the captured fume are released.This is advisable when you have cook-top not very far from the window or kitchen which is smaller in size. The longer the ducting pipe,higher needs to be power of suction motor in the chimney.

2.Recycle mode :

In this mode captured fumes are recycled with charcoal filter and fresh air is released inside the kitchen.The charcoal filter is a consumable and needs to be replaced at regular intervals. More fumes generated by cooking oily foods,then you’ll need to change the filter more frequently.This period varies from 3-6 months.

In both modes there is a common layer of filter which captures the greasy particles in fumes.This layer comes in various types.Most known are aluminium mesh filter and baffle filter. There is also “OIL collector” model which separates the oil in a bowl placed below the motor.The suction motor power varies in different models of chimney.Depending on your cooking habit ,make a purchase decision considering suction power,type of filter,noise level etc.

Check with your friends/neighbor about service they are receiving and overall customer experience of the kitchen chimney brands they are using. The sale,service varies geographically,hence a brand which is doing good in one city may not do well in another. Check the display gallery,dealer store etc.Don’t place order by reading pamphlets.

Below are few reputed Kitchen chimney brands in India. (click on company name to visit their website)

faber Faber : Franke faber India Ltd.

A brand from Italy. One of the top and known brand in Kitchen chimney. Innovators of the baffle filtered chimneys,offers basic model to aesthetically luxurious designer models.

kaffKaff :  KAFF Appliances (India) Pvt. Ltd

Delhi based KAFF Appliances (India) Pvt Ltd is a major player in the kitchen chimney and electric appliances market in India.


Glen : Glen appliances Pvt. Ltd.

Good dealer network of kitchen appliances. offers basic range of Kitchen chimney.They also have some designer models in offering.Check for combo offer when you can get hob+chimney at a great deal.


Cata : CATA Appliances Ltd.

Spain based company and have a great product range of kitchen chimney but don’t have a wide dealer network. If you find a exclusive showroom in your town then go for it.They will give good service as per their standards.



Inalsa : Inalsa appliances Ltd.

INALSA is a subsidiary of Taurus Group, head quartered in Spain, which is one of the most popular brands in Europe with its innovative product range of appliances since 1962.


Kutchina : Bajoria Appliances Pvt. Ltd.

Oil collector models of chimney are their forte. Slowly launching a good dealer network in Kitchen chimney in India. Holds a major market share in the eastern part of India. Have a reasonably good after sales service reputation.


The Elica Group (Elica SpA) from Italy has been the global leading name in kitchen chimney across the globe since the 1970’s. They have established a good sales and service network across India in the Kitchen appliances segment.

hindware logoHindware : Hindware Sanitaryware and Industries Ltd.

A known brand in sanitary ware.Their SS Kitchen sinks are of world class and thus they have managed a great brand name. Their chain of stores under the brand EVOK offers all type of home furnishing material including modular kitchen.You will find their kitchen chimney at Evok stores or with their dealers.

sunflame logoSunflame : Sunflame Enterprises Private Limited

An old name in Indian kitchen appliances segment. Good network even in rural areas, hence after sales can be relied upon in the kitchen chimney segment.



Ultrafresh : Ultrapure Technology & Appliances India Ltd

Claims to be the second best direct marketing company in India after Eureka Forbes. So obviously they have to give great after sales service. But their range of kitchen chimney models are limited.

Sleek - LogoSleek : Sleek International

Mainly a modular Kitchen co. based in Mumbai. It has got good range of chimney and hobs. If you find a reliable dealer who can give you good service, then you may go for it.


ttk-logoTTK Prestige : TTK Prestige Ltd.

A big name when it comes to Prestige Pressure cooker. A huge brand and is well capitalized with its chain of stores under the flagship brand of “Prestige smart Kitchen”. Very reasonably priced kitchen chimney brand and good service associated with the brand.

siemens_logoSiemens :
 Siemens India Ltd.

Many people wonder about whether its the same big name in IT. Yes it is and it goes for people who want nothing but the best. It charges a little premium even for their basic model of Kitchen chimney.But the quality (motor,noise level,finish) is class apart.


IFB : IFB Industries Limited

A reputed brand in Indian home Appliances. If you find a store and get to see their model then decide it yourself. Their network on kitchen chimney is limited but the product quality is good.


Please update in comments below if you feel any other kitchen chimney brand is missed Out.


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