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Know How Google Glasses Can Help You Navigate

Google Glass

We all have been hearing about Google Glass and its possible ramifications for the future of technology for a long time now. However, its actual functionality continued to be shrouded in mystery until Google finally released a video recently demonstrating the different tasks the revolutionary Google Glass is capable of performing. Tech enthusiasts all over the world now know what Google Glass looks like, what its wearers will be able to see on it and what it would feel like to use this wearable gadget.

Google Glass detail
Image Credit: Antonio Zugaldia ( [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Google Glass is worn like a regular pair of eye glasses. Glass drops an LCD screen in the user’s peripheral vision that can go on to display a large selection of content and information. For this purpose, Google Glass utilizes a Bluetooth connection to transmit data from the user’s smartphone to the gadget. The screen takes up the upper right side corner of the glasses. Users don’t even have to look at their smartphones let alone take them out of their pockets and they can perform a variety of functions through voice commands.

This amazing gadget will probably be very popular among travelers as it offers some unique navigation capabilities which will undoubtedly appeal to those visiting new locations. The video clearly demonstrates how Google Glass can prove useful in navigating its wearer through a city, something that will surely come in handy for travelers exploring new destinations.

Bikers and drivers alike are shown using the navigation prowess of Google Glass by viewing turn-by-turn visuals on busy streets. The video also shows a skier using Google Glass to quickly locate a nearby slope. Needless to say the possible uses of this gadget cover a large number of fields from everyday activities to adrenaline fueled adventures.

Users of Google Glass could simply ask the gadget to point out the nearest café or a particular museum in a foreign locale and conveniently get not just the location of the point of interest but also precise directions to it. And all this can be viewed at the margins of your vision while you’re on-the-go without once having to look at your smartphone or take your eyes off the beautiful surroundings that lie ahead of you.

Complementing these navigation capabilities are Google Glass’s translation tool that allows users to learn the translation of any word or phrase simply by saying it out loud to the gadget. The video shows a man asking Glass how to say ‘delicious’ in Thai. While the recent video doesn’t demonstrate anything like it, but it would be even more helpful if the future editions of Google Glass could translate live conversations. Another function that travelers would find very welcome is the ability to translate restaurant menus and road signs that would fall in Google Glass’s vision.

The magic word that makes this gadget work here is ‘Ok Glass’. That’s the phrase users have to utter to activate Google Glass and be able to perform various functions that include performing Google searches for images, taking pictures and recording videos. As the video exhibits, saying ‘Ok Glass, hang out with’ lets you “hang out” with your friends which basically means that you can voice-activate a video call and show your friends what you’re seeing.

Google’s website says that Google Glass will be available to consumers in 5 colors – cotton, sky, charcoal, tangerine and shale. For $1500 beta testers and app developers can become ‘Glass Explorers’ and purchase their model of the still under-construction Google Glass. The rest of the world can only wait till Google finally announces the release and the price of a consumer-ready Google Glass.

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