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All That You Should Know About A Wireless Home Security Network

One of the hottest products this past year was a new kind of door lock that would interface with your iPhone and allow you to lock and unlock it remotely. You could also set up different time windows for the door to unlock so that delivery people or friends could enter. Surprisingly enough, the product was made by a brand new company. The existing lock makers did not even think about putting a competing product on the market until they saw how many people were buying it online.

This bodes very well for the future of Wireless Home Security Networks because it means that there is an appetite for products that will help you run your home and make it secure remotely.

There are really two aspects to wireless home security. One deals with the security design that you have on your internet connected devices themselves, and the other has to do with how you use wireless devices to help secure your home.

Regarding the security design of your internet connected device, most people realize once that they have connected to the internet in a high-speed connection that there are some basic steps that they will need to take to ensure that their router is not a target for someone outside your home. If your router or routing device setup is secure, it becomes harder to attack the machines or sensors that are connected at your end.

You might think that no one will be interested in trying to get to your information in your home, but ATT registers almost 50 million attacks a day on their customer’s equipment alone. Many of the attacks are just programs running on machines that don’t even know they have been compromised, pointing at whatever machine comes into their database.

If you are concerned about securing your internet devices, one of the first things that you should do is look at your setup. Many companies provide a box or a router when you sign up for their service. If you do not have the ability to make many changes at this box, it is a good idea to find out if your service will allow you to add your own router to the connection so that you can set a higher level of security after the internet traffic flows into your home.

On your own router, you will always want to ensure that you have most of the security options on the router selected. The standard options typically help you to escape attacks that flood your router in an attempt to overwhelm it and take control.

It is also a good idea to setup a difficult password that you will remember for the default password on your router. This is because many of the attacks will try to access your router and log in. The more difficult the password, the better chance you have of not having your router compromised.

Another very good option is to use one of the highest levels that your router supports. The key here if you are adding other sensors and machines later, is to ensure that those machines or sensors offer the same type of encryption out of the box so that your network will be secure.

The second aspect of wireless home security networks deals with figuring out what type of cameras and sensors you would like to add in order to make your home a castle. As mentioned, there are now many door lock systems that can be networked and run remotely from your tablet or smartphone. A camera is integrated into many of these systems so that you can see your visitors remotely.

Another great option is to install motion sensors near the windows of your home and in the internal pathways so that you will always know when someone has arrived.

A third option that is growing in popularity allows you to take control of your heating and electrical systems within your home and manage that system from your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. Imagine being able to keep your heater off in your home until about an hour before you arrive. Like preheating your car remotely, which is now a popular option, you can easily do so by integrating a management system into any wireless security network that you put into place.


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