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Latest Celebrity Tattoo Trends

tattoo trendsCelebrities tend to lead the way for tattoo trends. There are always reports of the latest celebrity to get a new tattoo design and fans wait in anticipation to see what tattoo they will go for next. Quite a few celebrities have recently got some new ink and each of their designs are very different. They range from flowers and birds to butterflies and meaningful numbers. Here are some celebrities who have got a new tattoo.

Cheryl Cole – Roses

Cheryl Cole recently got her tenth tattoo, and it’s not exactly small. It’s her biggest one yet and it has received mixed reviews. She got two large roses inked on her back. She sees tattoos as art and like many people claims she is addicted to getting them. The rose tattoo is so large that it took around 15 hours to complete. News from the grapevine suggests that her tattoo was done by Californian celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado.


Harry Stiles – Butterfly

One Direction have been under fire lately for their love of ink. They tweeted asking fans to send in pictures of their tattoos for a chance to be in their movie. Some people weren’t happy with this saying they are encouraging their young fans to get tattoos. Harry Styles is probably the biggest fan of tattoos in the group, he has roughly 30 of them. He has recently added another tattoo to his collection, a large butterfly on his stomach. His addiction has only started recently, as just over a year ago he didn’t appear to have any tattoos at all.


Frankie Sandford – Bird

Frankie Sandford is one part of the huge girl band the Saturdays. While recording an episode of their TV show ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ she gets another tattoo. This one is on her ankle, which she said was very painful because of it’s location. In the episode you can watch her trying to overcome the pain. The tattoo is a bird design with large wings.


Michael C Hall – Leaf

Fans of the TV show Dexter will know of Michael C Hall who plays a blood spatter analyst with a dark secret. Michael got his new tattoo at a parlour in Hollywood. His new girlfriend Morgan MacGregor has lots of tattoos herself, so he could be following in her footsteps. His tattoo looks to be some kind of leaf.


David Beckham – Unknown

David Beckham has always been a fan of tattoos and the entire world is fascinated every time he gets one. He usually gets meaningful tattoos based around his family, friends and children. He has a tattoo for each of his children and his beloved wife Victoria Beckham. He has ‘Brooklyn’ written on his lower back and a guardian angel just below it. Victorias name is also written in Hindi on his forearm as well as a range of other tattoos all over his body. He was recently spotted at one of his games with what looked like a bandage covering a tattoo, although he has not confirmed whether this is the case.


James Arthur – Initials & Numbers

James Arthur definitely seems to be enjoying his new found fame as the latest winner of the X Factor. In a recent night out with Caroline Flack sighting he revealed a detailed new tattoo on his right hand. It appears to contain his initials and the number 23.


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