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LED Home Lighting

When planning to change the burnt out incandescent bulbs in homes, it should be remembered that today, choosing a new light is much more complicated than it was before. There are multitudes of light bulbs from incandescent bulb to CFL and LED. The buyer will be spoilt for choices and so they should be aware of what types of bulbs are available, how they function and how they are different from each other.

Technology has quickly advanced in the case of LED bulbs and manufacturers are competing to design a bulb for every kind of need at home, be it ceiling lights, lamps, outdoor lights or wall lights.

  • LED Ceiling Lights – Ceiling lights can be anything from chandeliers, mini chandeliers, flush mount lights, billiard, track and monorail lights, exit or emergency lights and others. There are numerous advantages of using LED ceiling lights as given below –

 Compact – The light fixtures are compact and, thus, handling them is easy.

  • Attractive Performance And Looks – LED ceiling lights look attractive. They are the preferred choice for interior decoration.
  • Low Heat – These light fixtures do not heat up and thus, they are an answer to short circuiting problems. Also, the interiors remain cooler.
  • Long Lifespan – Since, their lifespan is approximately 50,000 hours, they last a long time. A homeowner can save on the costs of frequent bulb replacement and energy.
  • Energy Efficient – A home’s indoor area needs a lot of lighting up, especially if it has chandeliers. Since, LED lights are energy efficient, electricity consumption is low.
    • Outdoor Lights – It has already been established that LED lights are different that incandescent and CFL bulbs. Therefore, LEDs are the right choice for redecorating gardens or providing light for outdoor area.

Outdoor Lights

Lesser Electricity Consumption – The best part of LED lights that they use lesser electricity than any other type of light.

  • Eco-Friendly – Another advantage of using LED for outdoor lighting is that they are eco-friendly. This technological leap is a benefit to the planet. They do not contain any toxic chemicals that traditional light bulbs contain. Also, they have recyclable materials that helps reduce carbon footprint.
  • Ideal for All Kinds of Weather – LED outdoor lighting like post lights, outdoor lighting, motion lanterns, outdoor sconces, pathway and landscape lighting, etc., are operational in all types of temperatures. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional lights, where temperatures affect performance.
  • Light Disbursement – Since LED light is designed for focusing, it can be directed to a particular location without using external reflector. Thus, they are much more efficient than traditional lights. They are well-designed and can light up a location much more efficiently.
  • Instant Lighting –LED lights light up immediately on switching on the power. This is a big advantage when used in outdoor locations such as signal lights.
  • Zero UV Emission – LED lights produce low infrared light and almost zero ultraviolet emission. As a result, these lights are suitable for use in heat sensitive materials. Examples are the use of LED lights in archeological sites, art galleries and museums.

LED lights can be used as wall lights or table lamps in a room. They not only light up instantly, but are also dimmable. This is a big advantage they have over traditional and CFL lights. The light produced is also steady without any flicker. Another advantage that LED lights have over traditional lights is that they do not attract insects. Since, they do not give out Ultraviolet light (which attract insects) the interior of the house is free of these evening pests.

A homeowner can choose from the specialty bulbs that have yellow bulbs or lenses and can be used for lighting up patios and decks or carports that need bright light. Whether the homeowner is sitting out in the patio or deck and enjoying the evening in a bright or dimmed light, there will be no pests.

To summarize, LED lights brighten up homes and this light can be dimmed at the homeowner’s will. These lights are attractively packaged and are chosen for interior decoration because of how they look inside the home. The interiors of homes do not heat up and LEDs consume low electricity. Therefore, electricity bills are low. They have a long lifespan that lasts up to 50,000 hours. This is a much longer life than the traditional bulbs.

LED lights are the future and an increasing number of homeowners are changing over to LED lights to save money and time, and to make homes look more attractive. These lights help the homeowner save money without compromising on quality. It is, however, recommended to check for Energy Star Label when buying LED lights for home interiors and exteriors.

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