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Your Luggage Gift Guide

What to give the traveller in your life, this Christmas.


Travelling is a great hobby, one that many of us regret not taking up in our youth – whether it was a gap year before University, a work placement abroad or even just better family holidays, we now envy the younger family member who took that leap into the unknown and took a gap year, or a job that provides travel.

But just what can you give as a gift to someone who is rarely home and spends their life in airports and living out of a suitcase?




Travelling through business is very different to any other kind of travelling. Rather than luxurious hotels with comfortable beds to lounge around in until lunchtime the likelihood is that business travellers end up in basic hotels. They live out of a suitcase, grabbing fast food or a quick snack from the hotel bar before passing out for just a couple of hours and heading back to another meeting.


This Christmas, treat the business man or woman in your life to something they can use every day – and something that can make their busy lives easier. The chances are, someone who travels a lot with business also takes a lot of public transport; trains, cabs and planes– travelling in unfamiliar towns with your luggage in tow can make finding things like a wallet, phone, tickets or passport difficult, whilst holding up the line.

Give a travelling bag with compartments and sections, so essentials can be accessed easily and clothing and toiletries can be stored separately. Bags with large front compartments can be used to store tablets, books and small laptops for use during travel as well as your clothes – perfect for carry on flight luggage.




If the traveller is solely a sun seeking, holiday maker who visits luxurious beach destinations numerous times a year – a travel bag could also be the perfect gift.

Choosing a bag with great durability and quality materials will ensure a long life of travelling while being thrown around by airport staff and placed at your feet whilst waiting for trains. Choosing a material bag, or bag of light colour will make your bag stand out amongst the black, blue and silver suitcases on the conveyer belt when you want to make a quick exit.

A large bag ensures room for family souvenirs, duty free treats and those extra sunglasses, flip flops and sun hats have been picked up to bring home – despite the cold English weather.

The Hostel Explorer


If the explorer in your family spends their weekends visiting (somewhat less than desirable) hostels, enjoying the European culture (and the pound to euro exchange rate) and sampling the cheap beers and great foods – a back pack would make the perfect gift.

Unlike ‘serious’ backpackers, weekend travellers don’t need their entire lives on their back – but they do need a bag that can be kept on them comfortably, at all times; A bag that won’t get put down in a bar and never picked up again and one that is big enough for an outfit change, toiletries and a passport.


Choose a bag stylish enough that it can be used every day and in every situation – a smarter rucksack, compared to a global sports company one, is more accepted for visits that aren’t so off the beaten track. Ensure the bag is waterproof – the clothes are useless if they’re wet before worn – and again choose a bag with compartments to help your friend or relative find things whilst travelling, boarding and in an emergency.

Using these guidelines will ensure you’ll find the perfect travel bag for the beloved travellers in your life. For more information, visit

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