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How to Maintain Healthy Life?

Today many of us especially youngster are running to earn excess of money to fulfill their dreams. Fulfilling the dreams is a positive sign but it does not mean that you should ignore your body. We all should love our body. Our human body is not a machine that will work for continuously 24 hours. But today due to mental pressure many of us are ignoring health which is not a good sign. So from this paragraph it is very clear that we should never tax our health. There is a famous proverb in English i.e. health is wealth.

Today especially in 21st century many people are suffering from back pain either it is upper back pain or lower back pain. When there is starting stage of back pain, people consume pain killer tablets, apply gel or ointments, spray relief etc. Sometimes the doctor recommends pain killer injection also. There is a vital terms which is related with spine treatment. They are chiropractor and chiropractic.  A chiropractor is a person who treats injuries by chiropractic. Chiropractic is the treatment of injuries by pressing and moving people’s joints, especially the spine. In this type of treatment the doctor never recommends medicine. So it means it is a drug free treatment.

So now let’s discuss how to maintain healthy life?

We all know how to maintain healthy life but we never follow it because many of us use to say I am dead or very tired from my job or daily routine, but have to ever thing that what is the main cause behind that. The answer is lack of exercise. There are many options to maintain healthy life. They are mentioned below.
•    Regular early morning walk
•    Regular Brisk walk
•    Fast walk
•    Regular running for 10 minutes.
•    Yoga , meditation , proper exercise
•    Gym
•    Hatha yoga
•    Jogging
•    Gymnast

So according to me if any person follows above mentioned points, he or she will never suffer from any health problem. In this world every person has its own problems like personal problem, job pressure, target pressure and many more tension or stress. Today youngsters are also suffering from depression. So they should think for their health because ones their health is lost, everything is lost.

When there is a swear back pain, then the final treatment is surgery only. In other words we can say that, there is an operation if any person is suffering from swear upper or lower back pain. Sometimes in operation the doctors insert steel plates and even screws are used to fix it. So from this article it is very clear that any person should not ignore any pain especially back pain. As we all are very aware that spinal cord is attached with brain.

Now let’s discuss the departments or sectors where people have to plan for their health. The first one is hotel industry. The employees of hotel industry staff leave late night from their duty. So they can for early morning walk. The next example is information technology department. I.T. people also work for late night. For then also they have to get up early in the morning and go for jogging. So drink 20 glasses of water every day and do regular exercise if you really want to maintain happy, healthy and wealthy life.

At last I just want to say that there should be general or medical checkup for your complete body. The common diseases are blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, knee problem, migraine, headache, back pain and many more. So if you want to be far away from these diseases, then do regular exercise.

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