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Make It Yourself: Mini Keg Planter

Love to garden? Love to drink beer? Combine two of your favorite hobbies by turning a polished-off mini keg into a classy planter. Not only will your brewery-obsessed friends be jealous of your ingenuity, you’ll have the added benefit of helping out the environment with a little creative recycling.

Follow these directions to turn last night’s entertainment into home sweet home for your flowers and herbs.

1. Gather your supplies.

Most of the tools you’ll need for this project can be found in the most inexperienced handyman’s shed. Even so, if your toolbox hasn’t been opened in, well . . . ever, you might want to double-check to make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Metal-cutting tool/knife
  • Hammer and nail
  • Needle-nose pliers/file

2. Cut off the top of the keg.

Use your cutting tool to cut around the top of the keg (not recommended after recently consuming the keg’s contents). To make sure you’re cutting in a straight line and that you don’t cut too low or too high, draw a line where you want to cut — or just follow an indentation in the keg.

If you’re using a knife, be extremely careful not to cut yourself on the jagged edges of the keg, or with the knife itself. And — though it sounds counterintuitive — make sure the knife is sharpened to make cutting easier.

3. Remove sharp edges.

After you’ve removed the top of the keg, you’ll probably have some dangerous-looking rough edges to deal with. You can easily smooth out the edges with a metal file, or use a pair of needle-nose pliers to fold the edges inward so they’re not sticking out, threatening to slice your fingers.

4. Add drainage holes.

Use your hammer and nail (yes, you only need one) to poke holes in the bottom of the keg so your plants can have proper drainage. If you don’t have a hammer or nails, use your imagination to find objects that could serve the same purpose. A shoe and a butter knife, for example.

5. Make your plants feel at home.

The last step is to prepare the keg to house herbs or flowers. If you’re transferring small potted plants to the keg, fill the bottom with gravel or packing peanuts to increase drainage and to keep your plants from drowning. If you have larger plants that are coming straight from a garden, all you have to do is fill the bottom of the keg with potting soil, put the plant in, and add more soil as needed.

After the plant is tucked in, water it to make sure the soil and the bottom of the keg allow for proper drainage.

Voila! Last night’s recycled can is now today’s repurposed treasure. Let this tutorial act as inspiration to turn more everyday objects into fun and useful craft projects.

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