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Managed print services – Reducing your overhead expenses

Even though printing seems like a regular overhead expenditure, it is important to have an exact idea about the total printing cost a company incurs on day to day basis. As far as 90% of a company’s total printing costs may be not be visible on the surface and usually goes around uncontrolled.

That’s the primary reason why a number of companies especially in Calgary region of Canada are looking forward to managed print services so as to exactly measure the expenses incurred on it and the returns it generates on the company’s total revenue.

A number of companies partner with organizations who provide managed printing services in Calgary or hire a consultant in this regard. It has been observed that with opting for such services companies have been able to save around 30% of running costs in office automation environments.

More about managed printing service

In a managed printing model, a service provider takes up the responsibility for a company’s entire printing process like support, supplies and services.

  1. Your managed printing partner would firstly conduct a study with regard to your printing needs, consider the volumes of documents flowing across the organization and also the costs incurred with printing, updating and sharing them. It then sets up a bench mark on the calculation made on the present situation.
  2. The next phase is all about implementation of a proper a strategy that would help the organization to reduce this very expenditure. Companies may wither outsource the entire process to the managed printing service provider or may opt for their consultancy and manage the environment themselves. In some cases, the company would sometimes opt for a print management software which will actually help it manage the entire procedure more minutely and evade any chance of expenses going unnoticed.

Benefits of managed printing services

When you opt for a managed printing service, it offers your organization a number of benefits.

  1. It goes without saying that with this services your company can save a lot of money. It helps you reduce the cost of document output and minimizes per page cost.
  2. The managed printing service provider may also help you to educate the employees from wasting consumables, or even opt for consolidating and centralizing essential printing equipments so that no printing activity goes on a random scale and people go about printing documents only when there is a requirement.
  1. Sometimes old equipments are also replaced by newer ones where there is a higher efficiency and hence reduced cost.
  2. Also, when you opt for managed printing services, your company can free the top executives from devoting time on these areas. This will save you from incurring additional costs and enable you to use these resources effectively for the core businesses instead.

Printer downtime accounts for an estimated to 30% to 40% of all helpdesk calls in the average enterprise and can be a massive drain on both end-user and IT department productivity. Managed print services companies take away this headache.

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