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Materials used for kitchen cabinets

Materials used for kitchen cabinets

Materials used for kitchen Cabinets are made of panels.

Raw material used to make these panel decides on how durable your kitchen is going to be.

Laminate : It is a sheet of external covering to your Board you are using. It comes in various colors, designs , textures and also in different size of thickness. It is the finish of the kitchen. You never see the board which is inside. For front fascia(visible side of cabinet) you may choose the color/patterns/designs etc and may opt for a simple low-cost laminate for inside the cabinet which is not visible when kitchen cabinet doors are closed.

Plywood : Plywood is made of thin sheets of wood veneer. Made out of wood logs Wood veneer is just like waste when you sharpen a pencil. It is one of the most widely used wood products. Theses layers are then glued together to form a board. Thickness of such board varies from 6mm to 25mm and it comes in various sizes. Since it is workable and can be locally manufactured and customized by carpenters at site it became very popular. It has a varied range based on its raw material, you may search on internet on the various grades of plywood but locally its categorized as commercial/Moisture Resistant(MR), Boiling water proof(BWP), Boiling water-resistant(BWR),Marine Plywood (used mainly in boats) etc.

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Particle Board : It is a composite material made out of waste wood, mainly from wooden particles saw dust etc and then glued with synthetic resin or other suitable binder. It comes is pre-laminated or post laminated form. It is very economical but never recommended for kitchen cabinets as it may not be as strong as required. However it can be used in kitchen shutters(doors) or overhead cabinets(top/wall cabinets).Always Remember it is not hundred percent waterproof so avoid spilling of water on it.

MDF (Medium Density Fiber) Board : Here the raw materials are converted into wood fibers and then glued with wax or resin binder at a high temperature and pressure. It is stronger than Particle board but has limitations when used in a kitchen. Water is what you need to avoid, also the grip of the screws may not be as strong when used frequently. However due to its cost efficiency it is used in kitchen but quality of such mdf boards are of very superior quality.

Solid Wood : You can use any type of solid wood but because of its high cost and higher production time it is often used in front fascia(shutters/doors) only. Though now a days you ll get machine finished fascia but if you wish to give a traditionally carved look, you have to employ a skilled carpenter for that. It is a tough ask unless you really know someone and trust his skills.

Steel: Kitchens are also made from steel which has been used in commercial kitchens since long, however the cost is very high as it has to be made from very high-grade of steel. For domestic purposes mild of galvanized steel is used. It is economical and stronger than any boards. To improve the look, it is powder coated which also helps it in not getting rusted.

Civil Kitchen : No Materials used for kitchen cabinets in this type of kitchen instead civil work done to give a cabinet like inside and give only a finish like a modular kitchen. This kitchen is made with marble, granite or concrete verticals and counter top rests on it. Doors(fascia) are fixed to these with wooden frames attached to them. So the functionality becomes like a modular kitchen at a lesser price. But you cat not change the layout or positions of the cabinets unless you break the existing and built new ones as per requirement.



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