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We encourage people who wishes to be a part of our blogging platform.We will always be in lookout of newer methods of promoting  your blogs/website.

Why Should You write for Us ?

  • You are the writer so entire credit of the post will go to you.
  • You are the author and will have the privilege of accepting comments or deleting them.
  • We are just beginning. Going forward we will spend more in promoting our website,so our writers will take full advantage of that.
  • You will be given link back to your blog so its a win win deal.
  • Besides all you will receive genuine opinions on your writing skills,information sharing,knowledge etc. Unlike other social network where you receive series of irrelevant comments.But if you wish you can also share your post in all major social websites in one click.

Small things you should consider while writing for us

  • The post has to be plagiarism free i.e. the article should not be copied from anywhere.(books/other websites etc)
  •  You should not write the same post/article anywhere else on the web.(We will ensure maximum publicity of your content over the years)
  • We know you are good in writing but please take care of the quality of your content ( grammar,correct information etc.)
  • Please write longer post. It communicates well when you elaborate. Say 750+  words.

How to write for us 

  • Just click below to register  your name ,Username, small detail about yourself like your blog name or website, area of interest etc .

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