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Why modern curtains are so popular

Modern curtains may be one of the most popular styles for window coverings in the United States. This is one kind that looks good with contemporary designed homes but also works with most other kinds depending on how the homeowner has furnished the rest of the house.


Choosing simple or detailed products


A great many people looking for this style want a basic version that is all one fabric with no styling details of any kind. This may be the popular rod pocket style. This style has some format on the rear of the curtain through which the curtain rod fits, holding up the curtain. This pocket may be directly next to the top edge of the curtain or it can be placed several inches below. In the case of a lower position, this makes the top part of the curtain stand up prominently and may cause some kind of ruffled or puckered look depending on the size of that portion or the material.


There are other options in this category that go beyond the basics. One is the popular tab curtain. This style has a plain look over all but is held onto the curtain rod by tabs that are all the same size and material as the bulk of the curtain. These have a somewhat notched effect and allow the viewer to see part of the curtain rod underneath.


Curtains can also be held on the rod by rings much like the style of many shower curtains. These rings can be metal or plastic and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Instead of going through a hole in the material like a shower curtain, these often hold the material with sort of pinch clasp or fastener.


Grommet-style curtains are also modern choices. These kinds have a large metal ring that provides an opening for the rod to pass through. The grommets, or metal rings, are held in position on the fabric much like an eyelet on a shoe with laces.


Fabrics and care


These kinds of window coverings can be almost any kind of material. Some of the most popular ones may be machine washable fabrics such as cotton, cotton blends, linen, polyester or other synthetics. Most people like the idea of being able to machine wash curtains as this is a less expensive method of cleaning than using dry cleaners. The second bonus is that this prevents the homeowner from having to go without window coverings for too long of a time.

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