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Modular kitchen color combinations

modular kitchen color combination

Embrace Your Cooking Personality

Modular kitchen color Combination is vital to bring that oomph factor in it. Make your modular kitchen so graceful that it describes your taste and personality. Take pride showing it off or make a open modular kitchen to dine with.Selecting color that are durable, vibrant and also a touch of elegance. Few tips which may help you decide on your Modular kitchen color combination adding grace to your home Interiors.

1.The size of kitchen.

If the kitchen is small then it is suggested to go for lighter shade kitchen shutters. Using dark shade makes the room look smaller. Prefer a combination of white with other color  If the worktop area is less, then instead of going for multiple colors opt for one single shade running throughout the wall cabinets, floor cabinets and other appliance units.

2. Color shades of your liking.

Select color you like instead of color which is popular or readily available in the market etc. You are creating your dream modular kitchen to use it for long, hence keep no reservations of “might be changing the color combination in future”. It is a costly and painful affair to replace color and may also spoil other elements of kitchen too .

3. Color of walls, floor, wall tiles, worktops etc.

You have to prioritize which is the most important element of your modular  kitchen looks when it comes to selecting color.Then match color schemes to those elements. For e.g. you would like have the wall to be of particular color and then match other elements to the wall.Such as the color of kitchen shutter, the counter top, back splash tile etc in sync with the chosen wall color.So don’t select the shade of the kitchen shutter or wall color or tiles beforehand only because you like it. Create and imagine the color scheme and how will it look matching to the wall.

4. Color which can be maintained.

Based on your cooking habits there will be greasy particles absorbed by kitchen doors/shutters and walls etc. If you are cleaning it frequently then you may opt for lighter shade otherwise choose darker shade. Understand your usage type and then choose the shade. If your kitchen is being maintained by maid, her style of maintenance may not same as you expect. Hence choosing a color which hides dirt,scratches will be a good idea.

5. Using multiple colors and how they go together in modular kitchen.

It’s a great idea to have multiple colors in a kitchen, especially when the room size is bigger and have enough work area. Using two color in your kitchen cabinet door/shutter is a good idea and it changes the aesthetics of the kitchen to great extent. Only thing you need to keep in mind is how all the colors i.e. the wall color, worktop color, tile color  flooring color and the kitchen cabinet shutter color will look together. Color preference and scheme vary to each individual. Finalizing your modular kitchen color combination could be a very time taking process and it should be so to have a great deal of satisfaction possessing your dream modular kitchen.

6. Patterns and textures in door/shutter type

Now a days almost every element(wall,cabinets,appliances etc.) of a kitchen has a pattern or a texture in it along with a gamut of colors to choose from.
Wall colors have options in wallpaper, texture painting etc and it’s not a bad idea to use them in kitchen. Tiles offer elegant effects of fruits, flowers etc designed in it. Work area counter has various options in granite,acrylic etc. For kitchen cabinet shutter options are wood grain finish, high glossy and Matt finish, polished and painted finish etc. So search for such types which suits to you type of requirement.

While planning Modular kitchen Color Combination is vital. Taking Suggestion is good a habit but preference of color will vary as per taste of that person. Select to your taste, because you’ll be the one seeing and using your modular kitchen the most.

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