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Why Natural Materials are Better for Outdoor Furniture

If you have a garden area or a patio, you will need to invest in some furniture in order to make the most use of it. The choice of the materials that make the furniture will have you choosing between natural materials such as wood, bamboo, natural rattan and artificial materials such as plastics. While both types of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, you will come to realize that natural materials are always the best way to go. And here is why.


There is nothing more beautiful than natural wood that has been given the proper woodwork treatment. Plastic is obviously artificial, while metal just looks cold and uninviting. There are wood types such as teak, oak, redwood, eucalyptus and more for you to choose from. These woods will be sanded down, painted and varnished to make furniture that is quite stunning. Another disadvantage of artificial materials, such as plastic, is that they are so ubiquitous and majority of the designs made with these materials are quite generic. This causes them to lose appeal when compared to the unique designs that can be made from wood.

Image source: Bali Republic


Superior quality & Durability

Wood products are usually of a more superior quality than their artificial counterparts. First, consider resistance to the elements; plastics are easily affected by the sun and will be easily blown over by the wind. This means outdoor furniture made from this will crack and become brittle. Wood on the other hand will only have the varnish applied chipped and this can easily be fixed.

Some woods, like teak, have natural oils that make them resistant to water, so they will not be easily damaged by rain. Second, consider the strength of the material itself. Wood is naturally stronger than plastic and will make furniture that lasts longer. The wood types used for outdoor furniture tend to have oils that make them water and decay resistant and insect repellent.



Outdoor furniture is meant to allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature. This is kind of hard to do when the furniture that you are using is made from materials that cause damage to the environment when they are being made. Wood is all natural and is usually harvested from forests planted for commercial use. This makes the most eco-friendly choice for your outdoor furniture.



Wood is not affected by the prevailing weather conditions as much as the other materials. Plastics will be heated up in hot weather thus making them quite uncomfortable to use. Furthermore, wood will not become cold during the cold season. Its resistance to the changing heat levels all year round makes it the perfect material to make furniture that can be used outdoors all year round.

Furniture for your garden or patio is an investment that will enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. This is why good woods such as teak and redwood may cost a little more than the cheap and tacky plastics. Make a good investment and go for good wood and you will enjoy it for a long time to come.


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