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Non-Toxic Ways To Keep Moles Out Of The Garden

nullVisible furrows and damaged plants are some of the significant problems caused by moles. Every homeowner wants to own and maintain a perfect smooth garden but moles can quickly ruin this dream. They are perfect diggers and can dig up to one foot per minute.

There are many non toxic ways of getting rid of moles in your garden. Some of these ways have been highlighted below

1. Flooding the mole tunnel

This easy option will get the mole out of the tunnel. You need to put a hose up the tunnel opening and turn it to full blast. As the tunnel fills up with water, the mole or moles will be flushed out. This however is a temporary solution and will keep the mole out of the tunnel for a day or two or it might decide to dig a new tunnel. You should instead have someone put a box or an old jar at the other end of the tunnel while you flood the tunnel from your end. This way, you will be able to catch the mole as it flees from the tunnel and release it elsewhere far from your garden.

2. Build a barrier

To keep moles out of your garden, you can build a brick, gravel or a fencing that is at least two feet below the level of the soil. This will prevent moles from entering your garden. One useful gardening strategy is to dig a trench about three inches wide and two feet deep, around the outside border of your garden to act as a strong barrier. Fill the trench with fencing, cement, brick, gravel or a protective barrier that will make it hard for the moles to dig through.

3. Build a mole repellent

Castor oil is a popular home remedy for repelling moles. Mix 3 cups of water with 1/4 cup of cayenne pepper, 1 cup Murphy’s Oil Soap and 1 cup of castor oil. Use a hose sprayer to spray the tunnel. Alternatively, you can spray tick or flea shampoo into the tunnel. Simply mix 20 gallons of water with 1 cup of the spray.

4. Use a mole trap

You can opt to buy or rent mole traps that will either capture the mole or kill it on impact. They can be bought at local hardware stores or garden supply stores. Traps that are meant to kill the moles work similarly to mouse traps and cost only a few dollars. If, however, you prefer more humane ways of trapping the moles, you can simply capture them and release them elsewhere. You can use bait such as bait pellets or earthworms or any other food that moles enjoy in the traps.

5. Plant barriers

Moles have limited eyesight but have a perfect sense of smell. You can use their heightened sense of smell to drive them away from your garden by planting plants that give off a strong smell. There are a variety of plants that you can choose from which will not make your garden look ugly. For instance, you can plant daffodils.

Crown imperial is also another interesting flower which you can plant to ward off moles. It is believed that it smells like a fox so it goes without saying that the mole will avoid your garden once you plant these flowers. You can also plant, shallots, chives, leeks, onions, garlic or any other plants considered part of the Allium bulbs family. Their sharp aroma is guaranteed to keep moles away from your garden. Castor beans can also be used as a barrier but they are poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children. You can also plant chocolate lilies.

6. Yard windmills

As mentioned earlier, moles have limited eyesight but they make up for it with other heightened senses such as the sense of smell. Other than being sensitive to strong smelling plants, they also listen to vibrations in the soil. Yard windmills have long metal shafts and spinning propellers which create a vibration that disturbs the mole’s sonic senses. Moles use their sonic senses to look for food and to alert them of approaching predators. The yard windmill vibrations will interfere with their sonic senses and they won’t be able to tell whether a predator is approaching or where to hunt for food, so they will not want to hang around your garden.


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