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Online Classified Ads V/S Newspaper Classified Ads

Are you getting bore with your old stuff? You want some new things or do you want to sell your old mobile phone or your old car or any other thing? Do you want to buy second-hand things at affordable rate? If yes, then go for classified ads. Classified ads are the best way to sell and buy a used thing. It is a very good way to earn money with the useless thing and a very good way to save money by purchasing a used one instead of costly new one.
Classified ad has used since many years. At first the concept of classified ad was implemented through the newspaper. Still it is working, still most of the people are using it, but nowadays there are many other ways are also available to sell and buy used products.  The most beneficial method is the online classified ads. It is far better and beneficial than offline classified ad process. Needless to say, internet is become a most important part of our life and we can’t live without it now so, we can use this approach for classified ads. There are thousands of popular and reputed classified ads sites like where you can upload your ad and can easily sell and buy a product.

How online classified ads are better than offline or newspaper classified ads, we can understand this thing on behalf of some points such as:-
Global reach
No doubt businesses across the world are well aware about the presence of the web.  Any advertisement on the internet can’t skip from the viewer, but in case of printed classified ad in the newspaper can be skipped from the reader’s eye. Newspaper classified ads are only read when a person read the newspaper, but in case of online classified ad a user can see it anytime from anywhere while using the internet and internet is always available with a person in his/her pocket through the smart phones, tablets and many other gadgets.

Time saving

Process of posting an ad on online classified ad sites is very easy. It just needs a sign up and then post an ad, but it take a lot of time to publish an ad with printed medium.  It can take time to get your ad published.

Money Saving
Money involved in online classified ads sites is less as compare to newspaper classified ad. Apart from it a person can repost an ad and can edit an ad very quickly and with ease, but in case of newspaper it is not so much easy.

BBB (Bigger, Better and Bolder)
Online classified ad has a great value and impact on a viewer. You are also not restricted with limited information, but in case of newspaper ad you can add only few words and sentences about a product. Online ads are more eye-catching then offline ads.

Categories According to Product
In case of online classified ad, we have many options, many categories to post an ad in the right section. It helps in improve user experience.  Even it is also helpful to increase user navigation. A user can easily find a product in relevant category, but in case of newspaper there is no such kind of thing. It has messy information.

Instant Result

It is the major advantage of online classified ad you can get instant feedback and queries of user, but in case of newspaper it can be delayed because of newspaper dependency. It’s not necessary that every person buy the newspaper in which your ad has published.

Emergence of the Internet

In this 21st century every person likes to do online shopping. We use the internet for any kind of information. It shows that how much important the internet in our life, how much people are engaged with the internet in many forms.  Internet has solved many kinds of problems so, classified ads on the internet are the fastest way to reach at customers.

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