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How to Outfit Your Couch with Pillows that Match Your Design Style

Have you ever noticed how throw pillows can make a difference in the style of your couch? While the couch itself has its own design and personality, it will never be complete without pillows in it. In fact, pillows are considered as decorative elements
to complete the look of the couch. Throw pillows come in different styles, patterns, design and color. It doesn’t have to
be the same color with the couch because the purpose is to add drama and flavour to your set.
Here are things you need to know when adding more life to your couch in order to match your style.

Tips on how to accessorize your couch with pillows:

Determine the purpose of the couch
The couch is an important piece of furniture in everyone’s home. If you want your couch to be the main act in the room, then go for subtle and understated pillows to give more emphasis on the couch. Otherwise, dress up your couch with pillows that
will complement its look.

Use accent pillows
Accent pillows are used if you want more drama on your couch in such a way that it adds a statement just by merely looking at it. Accent pillows can be a bold pattern or a design with subtle details. To add more flavour to your couch, look for pillows
with opposing colors.

Go for an odd number
Instead of the traditional pair, why don’t you try buying pillows from your furniture suppliers in odd numbers (like one, three or five)?

Don’t just stick to square pillows
Throw pillows come in different shapes. If you want more statement on your couch,then combine square pillows with circles. Or buying a smaller square or rectangle pillows can also do the trick.

It’s just a matter of rearranging it
The traditional look shows balance in the number of throw pillows for each side. If you want an eclectic or more modern look, rearrange the placement of your pillows as if they just happened to be there. You can try placing two pillows on side and
three on the other for an improved look.

Just let your style and personality fall through
At the end of the day, your choice will still matter. Whether you choose to combine eclectic designs with different patterns and sizes or buying and placing the pillows as if they’re just there, outfit your couch depending on your style. Take tips but don’t let anyone dictate you on how you should design your set.

The most important thing is to let your creativity flow. No matter what the design of your couch may be, pillows are there to bring more life and creativity in the room. And with these tips, you will surely spice up the look of your couch.

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