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Planning To Build A New Home : 10 Common Mistakes You Might Make

nullWhen Designing Their Homes Because you’re new to the idea of building a home, you are bound to make mistakes and they might cost you in the long run. Yes, you may have set your budget in preparation for this project to take off, but do you know what you need and what you don’t need? Many homeowners-to-be end up committing sins that they could have easily avoided. It’s in the planning and budgeting. They fail to critically look into the situation, what their current lifestyle are, and perhaps their future needs.

Even if you enlist the help of a professional to help you, you are the only person who knows what you need and what you don’t need. Unless you articulate them, chances are high that you’ll end up with a home that does not fulfill your purpose, even to some extent–unhealthy. But you can lessen the stress by having qualified Architects add more value to your existing construction needs. These professionals will help you know where to save and where to spend for better results. Therefore, this article highlights 10 common mistakes that homeowners might make when building their homes.

1. Your HVAC system
The most trickiest part is when setting up a HVAC system that will be efficient at all seasons. You might think that the size of the unit itself does not matter, but it does. Too large a unit will consume power for nothing (now that you are advised to go green). On the other hand, too small units won’t perform their job effectively. You don’t want to end up with a home that’s not cool enough during summer and not warm enough during winter. Notice that these issues can lead to accumulation of moisture and mold growth, which is a health hazard.

2. Poor planning for space
nullThe most important challenge is how to plan for space. Poor planning of space will eat into your living room. Are you observant enough to limit the closet space in your master bedroom and instead use the space for something else? Watch for those things you really don’t need in your home. If you don’t need a coat closet for example, don’t build one.

3. Poor layout of your home
If you don’t take your lifestyle and habits into consideration, you are likely to run into problems. You must think of your future. When you retire, what else will you require? Think about the safety features in your home when you have younger children. You need to build a home that will take care of you and your family both now and in the future.

4. Poor choice of lighting
You need ample lighting to make your home a welcoming environment. Some people only focus on lighting fixtures and forget about natural sources of light. Your windows should be your priority here because they let in natural light into the house. But you can also consider adding skylights as well.

5. Adding extra rooms that are not necessary
Notice that building an extra room that you won’t use will cost you an extra dollar. You could have saved that money for other important projects. Don’t be carried away by the idea of playrooms or multipurpose rooms because these often entice people only to realize that you don’t really need them. If you like overnight entertainment, why don’t you use that space to build a living room that will be able to accommodate all the family members when meeting for a weekly movie night?

6. Choice of laundry room
Even though this is a personal decision, having your laundry in the basement or far away from your bedroom is not a wise idea. You should have your laundry room, washer or dryer closer to your bedroom. Remember that builders only follow your instructions on how you want your home to look like.

7. Poor choice of bedroom selection
Ideally, you should have your bedroom in the most comfortable location that’s free from traffic noise. Both your bedroom and master bedroom should be on the furthest end of the house, away from the central living room as well as the garage. Don’t let your bedroom share a wall with the living room, unless you want your bedroom to be as noisy as the market place.

8. Kitchen location
nullYou don’t have to find your way through the house, past the living room and a few bedrooms in order to find the kitchen. It’s hectic for you, and your Architect should advise you about that. Your ideal kitchen location should be at the back entrance, near your garage, dining or living room. Keep in mind that the kitchen is one area that receives lots of foot traffic, it would be best to place it where it’s most accessible.

9. Location of the garage
If you don’t pay attention to where you build your garage, you’ll end up having people accumulate all the dirt on your living room–you want to avoid all the madness in front of you while you watch TV. Why don’t you limit that to the kitchen area or near a mud room. It’s better that way.

10. Letting someone advise you on what to do
The only person that knows YOU and your family best is you. You understand your needs better as well as the current lifestyle you are living. Yes, they may prove to be helpful, but you should never build your home entirely on their advise. Your preference is different from theirs, and you don’t want to discover later that what you were told to do doesn’t benefit you whatsoever.

And in fact, the overall design of your home depends on you. Building a home is a costly investment, which is why most people only build a single home for their families. Unless you are extremely wealthy, you’ll only want to build a one-size-fits-it-all structure that will serve your needs now and in the future. There’s no room for mistakes here, poor planning means you’ll put up with that home, together with its problems forever. On the other hand, excellent planning means your home will fit your needs irrespective of change in time. So avoid those mistakes by considering the above 10 common mistakes you might make.

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