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Planning the Perfect Disco Party

Disco fever was an epidemic in the 70’s, but a surprising number of trends from that era have landed in the 21st century. To marry the two decades, why not host a disco party?


While a disco party could be hosted anywhere from a basement to a reception hall, some theme appropriate locations might include a roller skating rink or a local club. Wherever you choose, make sure there is a dance floor.


There are plenty of ready-made disco-themed invitations available at most party stores. However, if you’re feeling more extravagant, send the invitations on a vinyl 45. Regardless of how you choose to inform people of the event, be sure to communicate the theme and encourage guests to wear clothes that fit the theme. It’s an easy ice-breaker and gets everybody into the mood before they arrive.


If you expect your guests to decorate themselves, then you want to ensure their disco mood is extra groovy when they arrive. Non-negotiable decorations include a disco ball and brightly colored strobes. These lighting elements were essential to disco and are, therefore, essential to your party. Check with local San Antonio disc jockeys that may be able to provide lighting. Additional decorative lighting ideas are lava lamps and glowing balloons. To make balloons glow, place a glow stick inside before blowing up the balloon. Then hang the orbs from the ceiling throughout the room at various levels.

As centerpieces or food table decorations, use Go Go boots, vintage roller skates, the aforementioned lava lamps or old disco album covers, like the Bee Gees. For food presentation, create a tiered serving piece using old vinyl albums or arrange food items in the shape of a peace sign.

For some added atmosphere, have the movie Saturday Night Fever playing without volume on a wall or screen away from the dance floor.


Since it is unlike that you have many disco selections downloaded on your mp3 player, and because you need their lighting equipment anyway, hire a DJ. Their selection of songs, knowledge of the time and ability to read the crowd will keep your party stayin’ alive.

Photo booth

Great parties document the fun for future generations to see. In the 70’s, it was a slideshow or on Polaroid cameras. In this day and age, photographs and video alike are recorded, more often than not, on cell phones and displayed on social media, sometimes in real time. By creating photo opportunities for guests, you are helping them promote your event for you. Choose one of the following photo op scenes, use both or create your own. Regardless, props are important.

Create a large cardboard cutout of a Volkswagen van or 1970’s bug. Paint it in bright colors and cut holes where the windows would be. The idea is for the cutout to be large enough for guests’ faces to be framed in the window. Place an Afro wig and some Go-Go boots in the area for additional props. Let your guests get creative from there.

Another option would be a shag rug with some beanbag chairs, bead curtains in the background, a lava lamp, a stack of vinyl album covers and a record player.

Tiffany Marshall is a freelance writer, born in the 70’s, who had to learn The Hustle in her Physical Education class at school. Now she uses that knowledge to write on behalf of a party DJ. San Antonio boasts some of the best professional DJs around. Call Cutting Edge Entertainment to help you get down tonight.


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