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Plantation Shutters vs Venetian Blinds

Interior designers and shade suppliers will present us with vast amount of choices when we deliberate window coverings. The options go on forever, with curtains, drapes, vertical blinds, venetian blinds, awnings and plantation shutters a handful of the different options available. This post aims at comparing plantation shutters and venetian blinds, as these two window coverings are regularly pitted against each other when decision time looms.


Both shade products offer horizontal louvers that are adjustable in that they can tilt up and down, and can offer a combination of letting some degree of light in while providing shade and privacy.

This is where the similarities end however, as venetian blinds are normally viewed as a fall-back option if the quoted price for plantation shutters is too steep.


The most striking difference between the two shade options is how solid the plantation shutters are when compared to venetian blinds. Where the venetian blinds appear flimsy and thin, the plantation shutters are solid. The width of the louvers is what makes plantation shutters what they are, and they can be more than twice as wide as venetian blinds. Plantation shutters are also normally made from solid timber, whereas most timber venetian blinds are made from laminate products. Plantation shutters also offer a far greater thickness to their louvers than the venetian blinds.

Ease of cleaning

Anyone who has ever attempted to clean venetian blinds can testify that it is a job they dread doing. The flimsy nature of the venetians with the cords going through the louvers make it a time consuming job. This often results in either hiring professionals to do the job, or letting the blinds gather dust far too long. Plantation shutters on the other hand are far easier to clean, as all you need to do is close the louvers, attach a soft brush vacuum head to your vacuum cleaner and vacuum them clean.

Odd window shapes

Venetian blinds work well for standard windows that are square or rectangular. They will not be an option for different window shapes such as triangular, oval or hexagonal. Plantation shutters on the other hand, could be custom made by a shade manufacturer to fit any window shape and size.


Plantation shutters are seen to be a luxurious window covering, and the price of acquisition is far greater than for venetian blinds. Plantation shutters can be seen as an investment to the house though. According to property experts, plantation shutters can add significant value to a home, whereas venetian blinds normally do not. This is due to the feeling of luxury associated with the plantation shutters.

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