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Why Do You For Reals Need A Food Processor?

Majority of the population still wonders that do they really need a food processor. Things can be done by hand too. Chopping, kneading, mincing or whatever, people did survive without one in the primitive era. The question is when tasks and chores can be made easier; why not choose the better option. The food processor can be your best kitchen buddy in more ways than just one. Through this article, we help you realize that why a food processor can be vital equipment in your kitchen:-

  • Chopping and slicing: You would never go back to the age-old knife once you have tried chopping and slicing your vegetable with a food processor. The processor gives you the perfect shape and size for every slice of the vegetable. Getting together a vegetable soup for dinner. You will for sure require bite size pieces of vegetables for the soup. Just put them in the processor and chose the right blade and you are ready with the vegetables in the jiffy. Just saute and add them to your soup. They can be used as a filling for a dish too. You want to slice or tomatoes with out squashing them. Then food processor is your answer. Put on the slicer blade and pass the cheese or the tomatoes through it and you will have the perfect slices.
  • Kneading: So you have given up making bread at home to do away with the messy hands and kitchen counter. We have the answer for you. Just add the required ingredients into the processor bowl with the precise measurements. Just let the processor do the hassle free kneading for you. Let the yeast do the raising for sometime and you just do the baking. Hot and delicious homemade bread was never so easy.
  • Shredding and grating: You have to shred cabbage for the coleslaw and cheese for the pizza, but you are scared of the standard shredder or the grater. Food processor is the answer. Use the shredder blade and pass the cabbage or cheese through it. Your crunchy coleslaw and pizza cheese is ready. You can even store these in boxes for further use. You can shred potatoes for crispy pancakes and patties for the vegetarian burger/sandwich.
  • Grinding: Hamburger is what you have planned for a Sunday brunch and the task of grinding is making you ignore it for as much as you can. Have you tried the food processor? It lets you grind the meat to the perfect texture you want for your burgers. The processor apart from grinding can help you to remove the fat from the meat. The ground meat can be easily used for the pasta sauces as well.
  • Purees: The device works best for purees too. Just add the steamed fruits or vegetables into the processor change the blades and run it. You have the perfect puree ready for you. Baby food purees can be made in the food processor too. Not only purees the food processors can give you the perfect pulp for your recipes.

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