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Reasons to Paint – Which one is yours?

Choosing the right colour to paint your home can lend it a brand new look. It can also be exactly what your house needs to protect the walls and keep them looking bright and new. People have different reasons for painting the exterior and interior walls of their houses some of which are discussed here in this article.

Hiding Damage to the Walls:

One problem with houses that have been lived in for years is that they gather many marks and stains on the walls. This can give a look of disrepair to your house. Therefore it can be important to renew the paint of your house every few years so that damage to the walls can be hidden. The stains that prove difficult to remove by regular cleaning can be painted over so that they don’t show anymore.

Cheapest Remodeling:

Painting is the easiest and the least expensive way to give a new look to your house. If you are bored with the same look, it might just be time to repaint your house completely and have it looking brand new and refurbished in a few days. If you hire professionals to remodel your house you would have to spend a lot more compared to simply repainting your house.

Keeping Dust at Bay:

The main problem with plaster walls is that they gather a lot of dirt and dust with time. The older the walls get, the more dust gathers on them and the dirtier they look. Painting over the walls can prevent this. Using high quality paints can ensure that your walls retains their new look for years and that the dirt doesn’t gather over them.

Protecting the Exterior Surfaces:

Weather can adversely affect the walls of your house. With rain and sun the paint job gets damaged. Especially snow and ice can cause lasting damage to the walls. Walls also go through wear and tear over time that can make your house look old and shabby. Painting regularly can help prevent this and keep your houses looking as beautiful and new as ever.

Make Your House Attractive:

If you wish to give your house the same look as those model homes featured in fashion magazines and TV, paint the walls with interesting colours. Even the oldest houses can be made to look attractive with the right paint choices. Following a theme you can paint all the walls of your house accordingly and turn your home into a place you would feel proud showing off.

Healthy Indoor Environment:

There are certain paints that have been declared as unhealthy by the authorities. They are said to contain fumes and odours that can cause lung damage and also affect the brain activity. Therefore it might be time you repaint your walls using paints from the best and renowned companies only. There are many companies now that make low or zero VOC paints that actually help improve the air quality inside your home.

Increasing the Real Estate Value:

Painting can keep your home looking new. With every passing year your house is sure to bear some marks of the use it has seen. But painting can hide any real sign of damage or wear and tear. This can help increase the real estate value of your house. If you are planning to sell your house, you might want to consider refreshing the paint job so that prospect customers find your house looking as well maintained as ever.

Express Yourself:

Painting is not just about remodeling and protecting the walls of your house but it can also be a great way of expressing yourself. You can paint your house to match your temperament and moods. Both the interior and exterior walls can be painted accordingly. If you live with your family then let all the members of your family design their own rooms the way they want to. Feel free and pick any colour you like and make your house a place you would actually feel at home in.

No matter what your reason for painting the house, make sure the job is well done. It’s also important that you use only the best quality paint available that is not only durable but also healthy so that it is worth the money you spend.


Kim Bordin works as an interior designer in the city of Manhattan. He has written several articles regarding home décor and runs a regular blog. Here he explains the various reasons behind changing house paint colours in homes.

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