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How to Recycle Rubber & It’s uses

Rubber plays a very prominent role in industries as far as its use and production is concerned. It is utilized all over-the-globe in many different things, notably the tires of vehicles. It is necessary to recycle or reclaim rubber as it becomes the cause of landfill pollution. Rubber is of two types: Natural and Synthetic rubber.

If it is burnt, it produces poisonous gases that augment the pollution. And it takes a very long time to decompose as well. Rubber pieces that collect rain water acts as a breeding place for dangerous mosquitoes and insects. So reclaiming rubber becomes an essential job in industries to help the economy and shield the energy.

It is reckoned that around 22 million tons of rubber is processed each year worldwide. The rubber residues are re-used and reclaimed to make new products. In the first step, the tire material is collected from the landfills and then is taken to the production site in a rubber industry. The proper disposal system is to be followed making sure the accurate recycling of rubber tires!

Then, the devulcanization process takes place where tire mulch is made from torn out old rubber tires. The mulch, commonly, is made in granular substances. The strong or steel-like elements are removed from it, keeping the elasticity and insulation property intact! To maintain the properties of the rubber: heating, softening and chemical agents are applied.

The shredding process is done with robust and vigorous machines. Pulverizing machines with special rotors simplifies the process of shredding into rubber strips. It helps removing steel fibers from the same. Powerful magnets are required to separate the steel particles. The final Vulcanization process gives the flexibility and spring like feature to the rubber mulch.

Reclaimed Rubber serves many different purposes. It is used as a cushion in parks, schools etc. so that children are not much hurt when they fall. It is exploited in the clothing industries as sport shoes, working shoes and raincoats. Rubber along with some robust material is used in constructing sidewalk panels which are damage-resistant. It is used as a protective covering in landfills. It is one of the best coal fuel sources. It can be used in an extensive range of products such as inner tubes, door mats, shoes, flower pots, buckets and many more.

With such immense and impressive use of reclaimed rubber, recycling of rubber becomes important! Instead of letting rubber junk in landfills, it must be put-to-use wisely. It would save the earth from the poisonous pollution and saves economy.

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