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Regular Maintenance – Essential for Stronger Garage Doors

Usually as a homeowner we do not pay much attention to our garage and its condition. The possible reason behind this attitude is probably that it does not report a malfunction so often. Once installed our garage doors serves their very purpose for years & years. This makes us forget that our gate is also prone to depreciate with the passing time. All the adverse weather conditions that it faces are going to leave their mark on its performance. But the process is slow and we easily overlook it. However our garage gate grabs our attention when something goes terribly wrong. If not figured out in time a faulty garage door can cause a damage that you cannot even imagine. A blow on your favorite car, or an accident or a car theft due to lack of security are a few examples of the possible outcome of a faulty garage gate. If you are living in Thousand Oaks you should not let the situation reach to this point as there are many skilled garage door repair service providers available to tackle such problems for you. But, it is advised that you should keep an eye on signs of a problem arising for example : –

Opening & closing – Obviously this is the main function of a door and if it is not able to perform this then there is no other solution to either repair it or replace it with a new one. Due to the reason that garage doors are responsible for the safety of your car and your home at equal level this problem becomes and urgent issue to be solved. You cannot leave your doors open and go to work in any case. Immediately respond to this situation and call a reliable repair service provider.

Slow response to remote control – This particular problem can occur due to many reasons such as weak batteries or bad connection, a hindrance or obstacle in front of the receiver etc. whatever it is, you should get it checked so that it does not lead to a bigger problem with time.

Imbalanced door – If a door shuts quickly or takes longer time than expected then it may be out of balance. Check and fix it or rather get it fixed. Reacting right at the moment as soon as you discover a problem saves time, money & avoids a bigger damage.

Noise – Noise in the movement of the doors can occur due to many reasons but in all the cases it indicates a problem. You should try and go to the core of it and either solve it or get it solved.

Off track door – The garage gate should operate within the tracks and if it is not, then it is a problem that leads to many other problems such as imbalanced door, problem with opening and closing and many others.

Increase in electricity bills – As the gate gets old, it starts to consume more energy. If it is not maintained nicely it may use much more energy than you ever anticipated. So when you think that despite your efficient maintenance schedule your gate raises your energy units more than expected, it is the time to replace it.

But, it will be too late to react if you wait for any of these above stated signals to show its presence as a surprise. After all it would not be a pleasant surprise for you. As they say “precaution is always better than cure” So, you should also follow a regular inspection routine to stay aware of the condition of your garage. It will not take much of your time but can save many of your hard earned dollars. If you follow a routine of inspecting your garage and its doors once in a couple of months, you are actually enabling yourself to catch the problems in the initial stages. This means you do not let a problem to grow beyond control.

What you should check when you inspect your doors : –

  • Springs – Check if the springs of the doors are in perfect condition or not. If not then it is advised that you do not try to fix it with your amateur skill and tools. Call a professional garage door repair company in Thousand Oaks to deal with it professionally.
  • Cables – Keep an eye on the cables and if you find any problem then fix it immediately to keep the functioning of your doors smooth.
  • Hinges – If the hinges are rusted or broken, it is obvious that you need to replace them.
  • Rollers – If rollers of our garage gate are not doing their job smoothly then they probably need care from your end.

While this bimonthly inspection is going to deal with most of your problems with your garage, you can be a little more caring and affectionate towards the structure of your home by getting into a habit of annual maintenance. Although garage doors are strong and sturdy and can deal with many adverse conditions including bad weather and burglary attempts, but it is sure that it would help a lot if you take little steps towards their maintenance.

You can annually : –

  • Clean – Clean the tracks and moving parts of your door. Checking for some debris on the track and cleaning the grease off the roller can result in smooth functioning and long life of your garage doors.
  • Oil – Once you are done with cleaning you can oil all the moving parts of the door to minimize friction. This would prevent rusting of moving metal parts and facilitate better movement to increase the efficiency of your doors.
  • Tightening – Take a screw driver and tighten all the screws to give strength to the door.
  • Painting – If you paint your doors annually, you not only make them look beautiful but also safeguard them against moisture. Moisture can cause rusting or rotting of your doors and regular painting prevents it. What you get in the bonus is increased beauty and value of your property.

So, always care for this one of the most essential parts of your home and never hesitate or wait to call in an efficient garage door repair company in thousand oaks whenever you need help with your garage problem.

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