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Seven Important Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Janitorial Cleaning Company

Keeping commercial building and offices well maintained is a necessity. This is because the first impressions the potential clients and visitors get about the office is very significant to the growth and expansion of the business operations. This in mind, the cleaning should be entrusted to proficient and competent professionals. From floor cleaning to stripping and waxing of floors, sensitization to cleaning air-conditioner vents, a full service commercial janitorial cleaning company should be given the task to ensure a professional appearance and safe environment. Maintaining a commercial building is a complex task and it is not work that can be handled by any cleaning company, you need to take time to choose a professional janitorial cleaning company so that you can assured of great work every time that meet industry set standards. Here are 7 important things you should know before hiring a janitorial cleaning company.

Quality of service

Make sure that you employ the services of a janitorial cleaning company with a proven record of quality services. You can visit their website and analyze the reviews of their customers. Also, it is recommendable to pay a visit to several sites that the company is offering services to so that you can evaluate their work on the ground. If a company is not willing to give you testimonials, take it as a warning sign that there services are not very good.


You should also know the cost the company is charging for their services. Cheap is expensive and do not compromise quality for price. Choosing the cheapest bid might not be the best choice for you but ensure that you get a considerable cost for services offered. Great and quality work should be delivered at all times. A very cheap bid may actually signify low quality of work offered as well as lack of adequate experience. You are better of paying extra dollars every month than hiring a company that will offer a sub-standard work which will lead to you losing clients in the long run.

Insurance Coverage

A reputable and a serious janitorial cleaning company should have an updated insurance cover. It is obvious that any cleaning company worth its salt should back up their work with proper protective measures. You should ask proof of an updated insurance cover and not only get a nod with a word of mouth.

Customized Services

A good janitorial cleaning company should offer customized services for their clients. This is because different clients have different needs and wants. The cleaning company should establish a personal relationship with their clients and ensure that their needs are met on a timely basis. A good cleaning company should offer comprehensive and thorough services at all times to ensure total customer satisfaction.


How long has the company been in operation? Commercial cleaning services is a very competitive business and as such many companies usually close down when they realize that they cannot continue provide quality services while making profits. A company thus that has been in operations for a couple of years means that they have mastered the art of doing this business and can be relied upon. With years of experience also comes with quality services.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is the method that is being used to clean in the contemporary world. If the janitorial cleaning company you want to hire does not have a green program, then you should consider looking for alternatives.  Green cleaning reduces harmful toxins as well as eliminates germs. This creates a safe working environment.

Quality Control

A good and reputable janitorial cleaning company should offer quality control. These entails on-going training for employees, regular inspection and supervision of work done and prompt follow ups to various projects being undertaken by the company. Honest and open communication should be prioritized.

These are some of the things that you should know about a janitorial cleaning company before employing their services. Take all the necessary precautions and ensure you settle for the best company for the task. Do your homework pretty well and am sure you will get the finest within your budget. Quality work at all times is of paramount importance.

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Thomas hill is an expert multidisciplinary writer. He has extensive and intensive knowledge in Cleaning Services. Because he started his career at commercial cleaning Richmond hills and learns a lot from there. He wrote this article from his personal experience.

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