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Sure-fail Outfits for a First Date

We all want to look good to get good impressions from others, especially for the first date. The first date is your time to show off and make a lasting impression. It has always been the most critical in starting a romantic relationship. We all know the saying that “first impressions last”. Presenting your best during the first date is very essential because it would somehow determine if your date will invite you for a second date. How you dress speaks a lot about you. The first date is somehow a make or break situation.


You may be meeting a special person for the first time to test if there would be a real connection between you and your date. In order to get connected, you must first get your date’s attention by looking good and the rest would follow. First impressions have always been the starting point of getting to know someone better. This article will guide you on how you can create a lasting impression on your first date by providing some tips on what not to wear. Sometimes it is easier to plan for the right outfits when we know what to avoid.

1.      Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup.

It’s actually a major turnoff for most guys to see their date wearing too much makeup. They want the real deal. The always want to see real beauty so keep your make up minimal and be as natural looking as much as possible.

2.      Don’t Experiment With New Trends.

The first date is not your time to experiment whether a trend will work for you or not. Pick style trends that you normally wear and are comfortable wearing. Wear the trends that have proven to suit your silhouette and most especially your personality. Presenting yourself does not mean that you have to be pretending. Reveal the real you by sporting your real fashion style.

3.      Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Shoes.

Make sure you can walk properly and comfortably in your shoes. You don’t want to be minding your shoes and your date at the same time. Before the date, you should try walking in your choice of footwear to see if it fits properly.

4.      Don’t Wear Anything Too Revealing.

Don’t reveal too much skin and leave something for your date to look forward to seeing when you’ve already reached intimacy. You can look sexy without looking slutty. A good tip is to just choose one body part that you want to reveal. If you want to show off your sexy legs by wearing a mini skirt, then don’t wear a crop top with it or a top with a plunging neckline.

5.      Don’t Steer Away From the Dress Code.

Know where you and your date are going. Anything beyond being normally dressed is not good. Dress appropriately according to the time, venue, and activities of the first date. Most first dates call for something very casual so wear a comfortable casual attire. If it’s an evening date then wear a simple and pretty evening dress.

6.      Don’t Wear Sweatpants and Sneakers.

It makes the other person know they’re important when you dress impressively. Reserve the sweatpants and sneakers for your time at the gym.

Impress your date by expressing and looking your best. Avoid these sure-fail outfits to ensure that you will make a good impression on your first date.


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Iris De Ramos is a natural born artist. She believes that true fashion, as a form of art, comes out of pure passion. As a fashion blogger for, she keeps herself apprised of the latest trends in order to cultivate an inspiring and fun fashion and styling experience for her readers.

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