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That’s So Colourful! 6 Places to Add Colour your Home Without Painting

There are many ways to make your house look alive. But if you add a little bit of popping colour to these places, you’ll be guaranteed a home that is warm and full of energy, with some real feng shui. You want to have guests come in and say WOW, and be in awe of your interior design. Here are some handy hints.

Do you garden?

Gardeners have the best tools for making your house a colourful, warm space. That means picking all the brightest flowers at your disposal. Put some irises in a bright red vase, plant some daffodils. Whatever flower is your favourite, you can use to liven up the décor in your home. Try and grow them yourself rather than buying from a florist, but of course we don’t blame you if you do. They’ll look gorgeous anyway, whether on the dinner table, in the kitchen, or out on the back table.

Ever wanted to be an art collector?

Why not start by buying some colour block paintings? They’re very modern and really help brighten up the room. Start by putting them in living spaces. And then in bedrooms. If you feel that that’s a bit too posh, you can always make some yourself, home improvement style. Get the kids involved with primary colours, like red, blue and yellow.

Lay back and relax…

Cushions, cushions, cushions. They’re an easy peasy way of adding much needed colour. Either go with po-mo designs, or with plain matte colour. You want it to complement white-washed walls and minimalist furniture arrangements. There’s nothing quite so terrible as a room that feels overloaded, cluttered. You want a house that feels balanced, rather than overwhelming.

It really ties the room together

Rugs are an easy way to add some much needed flavour to a room. Get intricately patterned ones and lay them out in living areas, hallways and bedrooms. You want it to really make the place feel warm, which is why a rich yellow can help in your kids’ room while duller colours work best in shared spaces.

Shy from the light

You might just need some curtains. Get ones with sassy retro prints, like pineapples for the kitchen. You want them to be bright and to draw attention to themselves. It’s always good to up the contrast, but if you’re a knick knack person, find some that match to really theme the room.

Fine dining

A bright tablecloth can add a real splash of colour to your usual dining experience. You want rich purples or navys to complement cultured plain white table settings, and to add a touch of class. Maybe you could even try red if you’re feeling romantic, paired with some roses in a vase. You want the tablecloth to reflect your dining mood.

Still feeling unsure? There are places in and near the lively Mernda Villages which can give you some real inspiration. You should always pay attention to the designs of all sorts of homes in order to give you an idea. What you want is that lightbulb moment where you figure out how exactly you’re going to reinvent your home.

Good luck and happy interior designing!

Author bio: Sarah Paige likes to keep her house near Mernda Villages lively by adding pops of colour.

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