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Things To Remember Before Setting For Wildlife Photography Campaign

Extraordinary modern cameras and easy photo sharing options has revived the passion of wildlife photography among people. Wildlife parks and natural reserves provide easy alternates for amateur nature photography enthusiasts that cannot travel to far off countries and jungles. However, there are some things to remember if you want to become a successful wildlife photographer.

Important for Wildlife Photographer:

Following headings explain some important things to do before embarking on wildlife photography journey.

  • Research your Location:

Most of the people do not have any real idea about what wild is like. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to do some research of the location you are heading to. It will help you know what kind of animals are there, understand the weather conditions you can expect, at what time of day animals are likely to display certain behaviors etc. and what are best places to set up your shoot.

  • Clear Idea of the Subject:

Wildlife photography is never random and therefore you need to choose a particular subject to focus on. This will help you to select a gear requirement revolving particularly around the animal you want to photograph. Another thing you should keep in mind is that some animals are not so kind and are easily frustrated by looking at strange gears and humans getting so close to them.

  • Essential Hardware:

There is a plethora of hardware options to choose from but a DSLR camera will meet most of your initial requirements. Once you gain some experience in the profession alongside earning some money, you can invest in more professional cameras. To take high quality shots, always buy a DSLR camera with high frame rate, for example, 8-10 fps. Talking about lens, a minimum of 300mm focal length is must but for shooting birds, you need at least 500 mm focal length.

  • Capture Golden Hours of Light:

Light conditions will be different at different times of the day in different regions of the world mainly depending upon the local climate. For instance, the time between 11 am-4pm on a sunny day in summers can really ruin the shots and it is the harshest time of the day as well. On the other hand, same time somewhere else on a cloudy day will provide you breathtaking scenes to go with your session.

  • Comfortable and Protective Clothing:

Wildlife photography is not a bed of roses and therefore you need to wear clothes that can protect your from natural elements as well as from bugs and insects. Covering shirts, hats/cooling vests, arm covering shirts, sunglasses, outdoor shoes etc. are must haves.

  • Permits:

Government agencies govern most of the wildlife parks and natural reserves around the world. They usually keep an eye on the area to ward off poachers and therefore you need to take permit for yourself and your gears to avoid unnecessary legal complications later on.


Wildlife photography is not an easy job and therefore you need to be prepared physically as well as mentally to make your session a big success.  You can use your captured photographs as online photo printing and display them on your walls.  They will add elegance to your room and will reflect your skills.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Anderson is a dedicated photographer and writes on interior designing & decoration. He took photo and print on different Canvases, which looks amazing with great quality Canvas along bright colors scheme.

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