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Tips on looking after your Precious Binoculars

Binoculars are bird watchers most precious equipment, even a good high-quality binoculars might be of no use if you did not look after your binocular in the correct manner. If you’re the new user and are looking for guides and magazines for methods on looking after your binocular, then this article would be great help to you. A good and perfect care to your binocular will ensure you a long life for your precious equipment.

Some of the main damages that might affect your binoculars: If you handle you’re binocular in a rough manner, then the lens can be impaired. Some of the scratches and nicks on the surface of the binocular will not impair the lens of the binoculars, yet lens scratches, water intrusion, broken focus wheels will destroy the lens views, waterproofing and perhaps might make the bins of your binocular harder.

Tips of taking care of Binoculars:

1). Try to use some useful straps or harness round your neck which would help the binocular from being broken when accidentally felt down from your hand. And perhaps regularly check for the strap whether it is attached correctly or not, which will also help you a lot.

2). Try not to eat or drink while wearing or holding your binocular, which would help you from dropping your food over the optic lens. If you’re about to sip something try to place your hand like a cover over the lens area which would also help you from spills and drips on your binocular lens.

3). Try to handle your binoculars with care so that you could avoid several bangs and bumps that could happen from outside objects like trees, vehicles, floor, etc,. If you shake you binoculars very severely then that might cause misalignment of the eyepiece or might cause gas to be filled on chambers and damage the waterproof on your binocular.

4). Try to use rain guards on your barrels while using your binoculars on wet areas like beaches, rains. This will help you to minimize the moisture from entering inside the lenses. There are several online shops like Camera House, Amazon, eBay that sells different models of rain guards.

5). Try to clean your binoculars as needed, but take care to clean in an proper way otherwise the lens might be blocked. Unnecessary cleaning of the lens could make it deteriorated or from being scratched.

6). Try to store your binocular in normal room temperature; don’t store it in extreme temperature conditions like heavy cold, freeze or hot temperatures.

7). Try to cover your lens with lens cap and the eyepiece with the cover that is attached with it while not using your binocular. This would reduce the collection of dirt, dusts on the lens which might cause scratches on the lens.

8).Don’t hang the binoculars from the strap while you are not using it, if you’re strap is flexible or in elastic. If you hang them all day long then it might stretch out the strap material and perhaps would reduce its flexibility.

9). Try to store your binocular in a secured and padded case which could protect it against bumps, bangs, jostling. Try to inspect your case periodically which would help you in safeguarding your binoculars.


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