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TOP 10 Best Retail companies in India

Indian economy rests on Indian retail companies that account for ten percent of the GDP of our country. Indian retail industry is both organised and unorganized. Organised consists of licensed retailers. They are the ones who pay taxes to the government. Unorganized retail small shops are located in every nook and corner, especially villages of India. They form the major portion of Indian retail sector. They are the ones who are escaping taxes as they make no account of items sold by them. India has the fastest growing retail market. By 2020, Indian retail industry is expected to grow upto 1.3 trillion dollars. Indian retail market is fifth largest in the world with 1.2 crore consumers. Indian retail sector that consisted for small shop a decade before now comprises of much larger retail chains and supermarkets. The latest addition in retail industry is the online shopping sites that virtually sell anything to everything, with to the door step delivery services.

Top 10 retail companies in India are:

1. Reliance retail limited

Reliance retail Limited a subsidiary of Reliance Industries was established in 2006. Its 3300 outlets across India sell fruits, vegetables, grocery, apparel, footwear, accessories, furniture and numerous other items.

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2. ITC Limited

Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) was incorporated in 1910 in West Bengal .The Company has to its achievement two major Indian apparel brands, John Player and Wills Lifestyles in 130 countries.

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3. Mc Donalds

Mc Donald, an American food chain, famous for its mouth watering burgers has its outlets in one hundered and thirty countries. They opened their first outlet in India in 1996 and since then have never looked behind. It sales are increasing every day. They are known for their customer satisfaction and twenty four hour drive through facility.

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4. Jubilant FoodWorks Limited

Jubilant FoodWorks Limited holds the franchise of the best pizza company in India, Dominos since its inception in 1995. The first Dominos outlet was established in Delhi in 1996. Till date it has one thousand outlets in India.

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5. Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd

Adity Birla Group of which Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd is a subsidiary was founded way back in 1857.  It retails international and Indian brands like Allen Solly , People, Louis Philippe, Van Heusen and  Peter England .

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6. Pantaloons Retail Limited

Headquarted in Kolkatta, Pantaloons launched their first store in Gariakhat (Kokatta) in 1997. Pantaloon the fasted growing retail company, today has one thousand outlets across the country.

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7. Shoppers Stop Limited

Started in 1991 with a single store in Andheri, Mumbai Shoppers Stop today has seventy four stores across the country.  Shoppers Stop sells various Indian and International apparel, shoes and accessories brands. It has also won the prestigious Emerging Market Retailer of the Year Award.

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8. V-Mart Retail

V- Mart is a complete family fashion store. There are hundred and thirty six V Mart stores in India that are making the common masses access ‘Priceless fashion’

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9. Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd

Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd, popularly referred as Lifestyle store is owned by a Dubai company, Landmark Group. The first lifestyle store was opened in Chennai in 1999. It deals with apparels, accessories, furniture, crockery and numerous other lifestyle and fashion items.

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10. Titan Company Limited

Titan Company Limited was established in 1984. It is the fifth largest manufacturer of wrist watches in the world. Besides watches, Titan manufactures perfumes sunglasses, spectacles , belts, jewellery and wallets

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