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Top 10 Best Running Watches with GPS

You don’t have to splurge on high technology watches in order to get GPS and heart- rate monitoring. Many best running watches for men today are capable of giving you these features in just one touch. Here are the top ten watches that will surely boost your running performance.

10. Balance N8 Trainer

Balance N8 Trainer is capable of providing distance and speed rate via GPS. It’s ergonomically designed and includes a heart rate strap and a foot pod. The display can be set in several ways to clearly show the running speed and accurate heart rating. This watch can also display step and cadence count. Retail price is $150.00.

9. Nike + Sport Watch GPS

A truly sporty watch that does not only tell time but also serves as a personal trainer and GPS indicator. Distance and speed are automatically displayed once you start running. It can be attached to Polar WearLink+heart-rate monitor and can accurately record the amount of calories burned. Retail Price is $169.99.

8. Mio Quest GPS Watch

This running watch has 12 and 24- hour clocks, has the ability to show different time zones and can set alarms during training intervals. The Mio watch can monitor accurate heart rate without a chest strap and can track the amount of calories burned. Retail price is $197.00.

7. Soleus GPS 3.0

One of the best running watches that can track distance accurately, measure speed and pace, monitor heart rate and calories burned as you progress with your trainings. It is also equipped with a USB clip that can upload heart rate data for training analysis. Retail price is $199.00.

6. Suunto Quest GPS Pack

Suunto running watch comes in yellow, black and blue. This lightweight watch has GPS capability, a training plan device and a built-in reminder on the next workout to accomplish. The heart monitor has target alarms. This watch is washable and water resistant at 30 meters. Retail price is $199.00.

5. TomTom Runner HRM GPS Watch

This watch is designedtomeet your running goals day in and day out. It’s GPS-ready with backlight capability that can show speed and distance acquired even at night. Navigation is easy with its one button control and training progress is measured with the accompanying heart rate monitoring system. Retail Price is $219.99.

4. Magellan Switch GPS Watch

This running watch is capable of showing your current location, distance and speed acquired even in the most complex and tough environment. One of the best running watches that can record the most accurate heart rate. This watch also has a built-in thermometer and can be customized into 9 different trainings. Retail price is $249.99.

3. Polar RC3 Training Watch

This 58 gram watch is not only GPS capable but can also be navigated via satellite to pick up speed and distance as well as expected time to finish a certain lap. It has a zone optimizer that can be adjusted based on your heart’s responses during workouts. Retail price is $259.95.

2. Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0

This GPS running watch is best for both beginner and advance runners. It can measure heart rate and features an alarm that’s capable of monitoring hydration periods. It can record the speed and distance covered with a display that can be easily read using reversible backlight display. Retail price is $275.00.

1. Garmin Forerunner910XT

This watch belongs to the next generation of best running watches. Its GPS can acquire current location within 2 – 3 minutes and can suggest a route to take while on track. It has a large display that can be easily read under the sun and a heart rate strap and transmitter pod. The collected data can be transferred to the computer to analyze training output and plan succeeding workout programs. Retail price is $399.00.

So these are the ten most coveted watches to hype up your running performance. So what are you waiting for? Grab those trainers and strap one of these best running watches and you’ll be good up to the finish line. is mens blog that explain more about the existing of men in the society. From the relationship, fashion, and other sense that talks about men.

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