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Top 10 Best Windows Backup Software To Disaster-Proof Your Files

Accidents can happen, and with careless computer use, losing and damaging data can be very disastrous. The best backup software is going to provide proper cushioning. When you have this program installed on your computer, you do not have to worry about accidentally losing your files.

Here are some of the best windows backup software you can choose from:

10. Acronis

File and data protection may not be your priority yet, but it should be. With Acronis’ help, you have the best windows backup software with functions that help keep an eye out. It performs backup work for all kinds of Windows operating systems so that you can retrieve data after virus attack, natural disasters, unsound downloads and human error.

Acronis works as a continuous backup system, doing incremental work; and it does the job with just one click.

Price: $49.99.

9. Aomei Technology

From Aomei Technology comes the best windows backup software that can save your data to any NAS (network attached storage) device. You can rely on it for backups, disk cloning, system and disk restore, and other special features such as image file encryption, creation of bootable rescue media, comment backups and so forth.

8. BackupAssist

BackupAssist is the best windows backup software that makes the job easy. It is the chosen system by NASA, Cessna, Volvo, Rockwell Collins and many other reputable names because it can function remotely, rapidly and efficiently.

Price: Starts at $249 (with free 30-day trial).

7. Bacula

Bacula is an open-source backup system that gives the user the privilege to administer the verification and recovery of files in a given network of computers. It is easy-to-use and permits the straightforward location and restoration of files that may have been lost or damaged.

6. Comodo Backup

Comodo Backup is a one-click backup system that also functions as an online storage system with as much as 10GB of useful space. It is the best windows backup system that was designed with users in mind, so you can enjoy a straightforward interface. It is completely free, providing as much as 10GB of storage capacity, and carries out backup complete with file categorization so that your files are organized.

5. FBackup

This best windows backup software is completely free and has entertained over 2 million downloads to date. It has a simple interface so you can set up what you want to backup, how and when you want to run it, and where you want to store the data. It is ready with standard and zip compressions, comes with backup plugins, supports multiple languages, multiple destinations and comes with free weekly updates so that your version is always the latest one.

4. FileFort Backup software

NCH Software brings FileFort, one of the best windows backup software today that can rescue documents, emails, music, photos, videos, files and folders. Download it for free and run manual or automatic backups on any type of storage media, so that you can save them to Google, Dropbox, discs, network drives, external hard drives, USB, FTP servers and so forth. It is simple and easy to use—it truly is the system to use.

3. Genie Backup For Windows

Lacie introduces two versatile backup software for Windows: Lacie Genie Timeline, the best backup software for home users and Genie Backup Manager Pro, the backup software designed for small businesses. Both systems are very easy to use and offers backing up into specialized categories in a continuous setting.

2. Ocster Backup

Ocster Backup is a freeware for Windows that runs automatically, is easy-to-use, creates backup files that are encrypted, protected and compressed (when necessary). It is an automatic backup system that can be stopped and resumed; and offers incremental backup after the initial full workup.

 1. Shadow Copy Cloner

If you are looking for the best windows backup software, Shadow Copy Cloner is a complete system backup that works on your pictures, documents, programs and Windows registry. It is a convenient bootable backup so that you can immediately switch to it when your system goes down; and it uniquely works on stuff that other backup systems often ignore, like hard links, junctions and named streams.

Price: 39.99 (with 30-day trial).

Are you always losing and accidentally deleting files? Why do you have to take risks when you can be prepared for such things? With the best backup software on your side, you can rest assured that your files are not harmed. Download it today and feel more confident.


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