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Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies In India

Cloud computing is developing rapidly in the current IT world. Almost 90% companies in the world are using it partially, if not completely. It renders processing power as well as many other resources that can be accessed over the internet. Hence, eliminating any need for solid IT infrastructure. It consequently results in saving good money over physical storage space as well as the infrastructure for the same. It is an exponentially high quality and reliable technology. One of its benefits includes the convenient expansion of its existing capacity.




  1. Tata Consultancy Services: Part of Tata Sons, this company was established in 1968 with head-office in Mumbai. Right now TCS offers a multitude of services and products in the sector of cloud computing. They have 230 office and increasing number of branches across the globe. They have a solid reputation when it comes to IT services and products.
  2. Zenith InfoTech Limited: Started in 1996 this company has ts headquarters in Mumbai, while it also has its branch in the USA too. Their cloud services are offered under the brand name of BDR G14 and Tiger Cloud. They are into Disaster Recovery, Cloud Storage as well as Backup.
  3. Infosys: Mr Narayana Murthy established this company in 1981. It was started small, but today it grew to be a large corporation with thousands of IT professionals working for it. They render services to more than 1,000 clients with SAP on Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Transformation and Cloud Security Service among many other products.
  4. Wipro Technologies: When it was established in 1945, IT was not its core business. However, today Wipro has more than 1.7 lakh people in India alone. Their products are extremely reliable, yet cost-effective. They offer Public Cloud Applications, service for Cloud Management and Cloud Advisors.
  5. Accenture: Headquartered in Dublin now, this company started in 1989. Right now they have more than 4 lakh IT professionals working on their payroll. They provide Cloud Setup and Cloud Advisor services to their business partners. In India, they are present in most metro cities, while it provides services to many Indian companies.
  6. App Point: Bangalore saw this company being founded in 1994. They have a tie-up with IBM and Microsoft like companies. Cloud Middleware, Appson Azure, Microsoft Azure as well as Saas Cloud Services are some of their fine products.
  7. CipherCloud: Headquartered in California, USA, this company started in 2010 and awarded with Best Cloud Computing Security Solutions in the year 2016. It was indeed a tremendous achievement for this young company. They specialise in encrypting all the data before any data is transferred anywhere; which makes everything under strong protection.
  8. CtrlS Datacenters Limited: Based out of Mumbai and Hyderabad, while it has a new facility coming up in Delhi. They have Tier 4 certification, while they render an uptime guarantee of 99.995%. It is how they have no downtime above 22 minutes (in total) in an entire year. They offer services at platform level.
  9. Clogeny Technologies Private Limited: It is MSYS Technologies subsidiary company, which was started in 2009 and acquired by the former in 2014. Based out of Pune, Maharashtra, they expertise in Cloud Adoption Services, Saas Deployment, HPC and Private clouds, Cloud Migration & Integration among many other facilities that they render to their clients
  10. CirroLogix Technologies Private Limited: It was started in 2010, and now it is a Gold Partner of SalesForce. Headquartered in Bangalore, this company renders mainly Cloud Computing Services to its clients.

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