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Top 10 Food Processing Companies In India

Right now the industry of food processing in India has 32% of share in the food market. It is indeed a large figure, which also means that nearly 13 million workforce is directly or indirectly employed in the same industry that makes for 14% of nation’s manufacturing GDP; while 13% of the exports. There are many international players as well as some small yet influential participants in this segment of the food market.


Most of these have created a space for their brand in such a manner that their loyal customers do not go astray. Their products do compete with each-other and this competition to get hold over more market share is pretty tough. However, amidst this whole rivalry activities, consumers are the winners because they have broad range choices.


  1. Nestle: It has won the position for a long time because it deals with various kind of processed food, from chocolates to prepared dishes, confectioneries, beverages and more. Their inventory of products increase at least on a weekly basis; if not daily.
  2. Amul: This is a domestic brand that started from 1946. It has always stayed in all the important lists of food companies that are counted in India. This brand still has a good share in the market with Amul Cadbury, Amulspray, Amul Butter, Amul Cheese and few more products.
  3. Rasna International: It is known primarily for beverages and then processed foods in India. In the mid 90’s this brand was present in every household, especially during the months of summer. It still holds great ground with Instant Rasna, Rasna Glucose-D, Rasna GoFruit and some more.
  4. Tata: This giant came in collaboration with the ‘Innovative Foods Ltd. (IFL) to enter the industry of processed food. Thus it not only made a mark in India but also in Japan, US, Europe, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia and Fiji to name a few.
  5. Pepsico India Holdings: Late 80’s saw the entry of Pepsi in Indian beverage market. Soon it introduced processed food products while merging some existing brands into itself. It gave them a good ground to start and expand.
  6. Britannia: Britannia has scaled its presence with many products in the past couple of years. This company is a strong contender for the number one spot, while it has many takers in the domestic market.
  7. Cadbury India: In India chocolate has a synonym, ‘Cadbury.’ This brand is known by its gold packing of chocolate bars, but there are many other products like biscuits, beverages, confectionery, gum, candy and more.
  8. MTR Foods: More than 90 years have passed from the time it was established in 1924. This company adheres to extremely hygienic measures when processing food products. They have a broad range of snacks, sweet mixes, breakfast mixes, sweets, beverages, etc.
  9. Priya Foods: When pickles, ready to use spice mix and snacks come into mind, this brand comes to the mind of most of the Indians; especially the pickles.
  10. Usher Agro: Sounds incredibly insignificant in this list, but this is a real underdog. It was formed in the year 1996 and delivers maida and rice as a leading product of their company.


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