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Top 10 Market Research Companies In India

The rapid innovation in various products and their marketing method is the key factor in the success of any venture. Here the enterprises that do a dedicated market research render their necessary services to the firms that look for growth assistance. The market research companies do give the complete analysis of the current marketing efforts that their clients are making, so to give a comprehensive overview of where the latter is and where they are headed.




  1. IMRB International: Established in 1970; this company is an important enterprise WPP, while headquartered in Mumbai; they operate in 100 nations and more. It is no wonder that their efficiency has bestowed them with the trust of clients like Pepsi group, Bat group, ITC, TVS Motors, Bharti group, Nestle and many more business houses.
  2. TNS India Pvt Ltd: Though, this is the Indian chapter of TNS that has its headquarters in the UK, while in India it is in Gurgaon. They are operational in nearly 100 nations and expanding. It is their speciality to minutely do all the necessary research and come up with an array of solutions.
  3. RNB Research: Established in the year 1995, it has ISO 9001:2001 certification. Based out of its headquarters in New Delhi, they also operate in South Africa, Thailand, Philippines, China and Russia to name a few. Right now, it is counted in the top market research firms.
  4. Majestic MRSS: Incorporated in 1992; this company is popular among its clients for doing precise research on Asian nations. Based out of Mumbai, this is one of the few largest market research firms in Asia which offer all the services that may be required in market research.
  5. Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt. Ltd.: Started in 2000 and it has its head office in Delhi. It is deemed as one of the best companies that are into market research. Their work is mainly focused on delivering solutions that are convenient to adopt by their clients. It makes them exponentially admirable.
  6. International Data Corporation (IDC): Set up in the year 1986 under a franchise agreement with the Cyber Media India Ltd. It is operating as an entirely owned subsidiary of IDG (International Data Group). They are into providing market intelligence and advisory services to their clients for making fact-based choices on business strategy. They are operational in 110 countries, while more than 13,000 employees work for IDC.
  7. Hansa Research: Founded in 1983 with Mumbai as its headquarter, it has gained a foothold in nearly 77 countries, where it provides data research and measurement services to its clients. They are one of the key players in the domestic market of India.
  8. Millward Brown: Though this is one of the market leaders in research firms in India, this enterprise has its head office in New York. When it was founded in 1973 by Kantar group, no one thought that it would be catering to international clients so precisely. They research about marketing, media communication handling and advertisements.
  9. Ipsos India Research: Headquartered in France and started in 1975, this company is a major player on Indian turf when data research and analysis comes into the picture. Their primary job is to assist their clients in building brands with the help of a sound market research.
  10. The Neisen: Previously knows as ACNielsen Corporation it has its base in the USA, but its global presence is due to its accurate delivery of what it promises to its clients.  They are highly active on the Indian terrain for a long time now.
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