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Top 10 packaging companies in India

India today has become a large production and manufacturing country. This large amount of products need to be packed carefully as it keeps the product safe and also increases the life of the product. So the major focus is on packaging. Newer and better forms of packaging material have developed. This has led to setting up of newer packaging companies. Packaging companies are those which manufacture packaging material for industries. Indian packaging industry forms four percent of the global packaging industry. Indian packaging industry is growing with leaps and bounds. Currently moving with the pace of eighteen percent annual growth, Indian packaging industry is expected to reach seventy three billion dollar mark by 2020. India specialises in paper and plastic packaging that is basically used in food industry. With large population, India is also the largest consumer of packaging material. Everything we buy is well packed, from cold drinks to sofa from cloths to computer; the packaging industry caters to need of all.

List of top packaging companies is India

1 .Balmer Lawrie & Company Limited

Balmer Lawrie is the oldest packaging company in India. It was established in 1867 in Kolkata by Stephen George Balmer and Alexander Lawrie. It chiefly deals with industrial packaging solutions. Today, it is a government of India enterprise.

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2. Ess Dee India

Ess Dee India, the pioneer and the largest producer of aluminium foils in Asia It was incorporated in 1905. Its headquarters are in Mumbai.

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3. Uflex

Uflex, an emerging global player was established in 1983. ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Uflex is the largest flexible packaging company in India. It is headquartered at Noida and its manufacturing plants are located at Noida and Jammu.

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Jindal Poly Films Limited (JPFL) was incorporated in 1985. JPFL manufactures PET films, BOPP films, metalized films, BOPET films, coated films and medical X- ray films. Office of Jindal Poly Films Limited is located at New Delhi. It has a production plant at Nasik, Maharashtra which is the world’s largest single location plant for the manufacture of BOPET and BOPP films.

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5. Ester Industries Limited 

Ester Industries Limited is a technology oriented packaging manufacturing company that was founded in 1985. Its headquarters are in Gurgaon and manufacturing plant is in Khatima, Uttrakhand. It predominantly deals with polysters films that are used to in industries like electrical, telecom and automobile.

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6. TCPL Packaging Limited

TCPL packaging limited is India’s most admired packaging company was established in 1987. It largely produces largest carton packaging and is known for their printed and folding cartons. It’s corporate office is located in Mumbai.

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Max Speciality Films Limited (MSFL) founded in 1990 is a subsidiary of Max India Limited. It chiefly deals with specialty packaging, labels, coating and thermal lamination films. They believe and promote ‘MAKE IN India’ philosophy. Its corporate office is located in New Delhi.

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8. Time Technoplast Limited

Founded in 1998, Time Technoplast Limited is known for its technically and technology infused innovate products like PET Sheets, drums, conipails and Intermediate Bulk Containers. Its corporate office is at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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9. Parekh Aluminex Limited

The largest aluminium foil container manufacturers, Parkesh Alumnex Limted.headquartered at Mumbai,  was established in 1994. They are also accredited with ISO 9001 certification.

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10 .Flexituff International Limited

Flexituff International limited is a listed public company that was established in 2003 and is known for its fast, timely and responsive services. Flexituff International Limited is famous for its stylish yet highly durable multicoloured bopp woven bags across the globe. Its corporate office is located in Madhya Pradesh.

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