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Top 10 Plywood companies in india

plywood companies in IndiaTypes of plywood in India

Shuttering Plywood – Used in sturdy frameworks at construction sites. It is meant to take the load concrete mix and made to tolerate extreme climatic condition. These are consumables for new site and have a limited usage.

Commercial Plywood – Termed as MR grade(Moisture resistance) and most commonly used in the making of home and office furniture, interior decoration. Its is not water proof so has a limited life. These type of plywood are the cheapest in range.

BWP Blockboard – Boiling water proof blockboard are wood based panel, made up of a core of softwood strips glued together and ply veneer in two sides to give plain surface. It is cheaper than BWR plywood and being water proof is an advantage  . Longer doors in blockboard does not tend to bend like a plywood hence it used mainly for cabinet doors.

BWR Plywood – Boiling Water Resistance is an exterior grade plywood, so it is highly durable when used inside. Price of these are on the higher side and it is commonly used for meeting furniture requirements where the plywood is likely to get exposure to water. For modular kitchen cabinets and shutters,dining tables etc it is an ideal raw material.

Marine plywood – It is made from core veneers of tree, with few defects so it performs longer in humid and wet conditions. It has high resistance to fungal attack, hence it is used in places where redoing the panel work is minimum or not be done at all. Best example as the name goes – in ships where panel has to undergo different and extreme climatic condition.

List of top 10 plywood companies in India

The top 3 brands together (listed below) have more than 70% market share in the organised plywood manufacturing industry. Also there are many local manufacturers and importers who offer different grades of plywood at a very competitive rate.

1. Century Plywood 

Year Of Incorporation : 1986

Century Plywood is pioneer in Borer Proof Plywood and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR). It has successfully created a new market in the highly competitive lifestyle segment. There is good range of products to choose from like flexi ply, veneers, Laminates etc.

2. Mayur Plywood  

Year Of Incorporation : 1986

Mayur a pan-India presence, in even remote reaches of the nation. With an extensive range of high quality products manufactured in ultra-modern plants near Kolkata, Chennai and Bhavnagar (Gujarat), Mayur Plywood is in a position of being one of the leading players in the Indian plywood industry.

3. Greenply Plywood 

Year Of Incorporation : 1988

Greenply Industries Limited (GIL) is India’s largest interior infrastructure company with a turnover of Rs. 1997.69 crore followed by a jump of 21.64% during the last fiscal. They offer good range from plywood,laminate to decorative veneers and particle boards. It is a listed company in stock exchange(BSE & NSE).

Some other good brands you may consider.(plywood companies in India)

4. Austin Plywood

Year Of Incorporation : 1988

5. Swastik Plywood

Year Of Incorporation : 1996

6. Kitply Plywood

Year Of Incorporation : 1982

7. Merino

Year Of Incorporation : 1988

8. Sarda Plywood

9. National Plywood

10. Uniply

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