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Top 5 eCommerce Mistakes You Do

Starting an eCommerce business might seem easy, but attaining success is the toughest thing that concerns. Today, ecommerce businesses have become more prevalent with several millions of online purchases accomplished every single day. As the competition is high in this ecommerce industry, it has become really really hard to survive and sustain a business online. In order to succeed in an online business, first you got to avoid certain mistakes which retailers usually commit on their ecommerce store.

Poor Design

The foremost thing that matters! No one is going to look into your website until and unless it looks appealing. Any badly designed website will have less number of visitors and as a result less number of customers and less revenue. Even if you offer very good services and quality products, no one is going to look over them unless it has been showcased in a professional way. Bare in mind, the professionalism of the website lies in design, information, product, operation and much more. Henceforth, prioritize on the design factor first and the rest next.

Complicated shopping methodology

Most of the online shoppers face this issue while shopping a product from an ecommerce store. They find difficulties in buying products just because they undergo a complicated buying process. In order to ensure your customers to buy your products, consider designing the website simple with convenient transaction and specify items of product returning and pay back. Mention your original address, fax and phone number on your website, to keep up the trust ability of you customers.

Displaying wrong business motto/purpose

Sometimes, the website might be displaying a wrong info about your business purpose, without mentioning the actual purpose of your business. For example, if you are into clothing business, mention that clearly on your site’s home page itself. Do not confuse the user with unwanted content and images. Be straight forward on the matter you want to convey. Wear your customer’s hat and look at your website. You’ll find the answer.

Inappropriate Content

Vague or draggy content seems to be another hindrance for the success of any online business. Content is the king with any ecommerce business and if it’s going to be of no use, then of course the business too is of no use. “Display short and sweet content. Decorate the rest of the space with images” – This is the methodology followed by most of the successful ecommerce websites.

Poor customer service

This is the area where most of the ecommerce stores drop their score. When most of the customers come forward to purchase their products, they fail to respond back and eventually lose a large customer base. Speed and instant customer response happens to the major factor to determine a site’s success. Customers do not accept to wait and switch over to the next one, if no proper response is given. Hence the loser is none other than the e-store.

So these are few of the big mistakes committed by ecommerce business owners, which fall to be a hindrance for their success.

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