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Top 5 Pop Up Toaster

When the tang of toasted bread floats through your nostrils, the early morning hunger takes a new scrumptious turn. The best way to toast your bread is with a help of a good toaster for an evenly warmed and hot slices of bread saving you from the hassle of manually toasting your bread on a cook top or gas. So it not only saves your time but aids in providing a fresh and light start to the dayMany companies which manufacture home appliances have brought out attractive toasters which perform a wide range of functions.A brief overview of these products and their functions can help us to bring home the most suitable product.
But how does this Pop up Toaster work? The toaster is internally built with coils that help in toasting the bread. So this device utilizes infra-red radiation to heat the nichrome coils consequently heating the bread. They are termed as Pop up toasters as they automatically pop out the bread when its heated sufficiently and has turned brown and crisp.
Nowadays there are number of popular brands in home appliance sector that have been building some great models of pop up toasters. The pop up toaster price is dependent on the brand as well as its design and features.

1) Philips HD 2686 Pop up Toaster
This pop up toaster has a 2 slice slot capacity and comes with dimensions of 152 x 30 x 130 mm. it has extra long, extra wide slots to fit all kinds of bread with 8 Multiple toast settings.

2) Sunflame SF-157 Pop up Toaster
Sunflame SF-157 4 Slice Pop up Toaster is a elegant looking and sturdily built creation by Sunflame. It is a 4 slice toaster that bundles with Electronic browning control. It is equipped with 1300 watt efficient heaters to give you the best toasted bread. It has a slide out crumb tray for easy cleaning. Sunflame SF-157 4 Slice Pop up Toaster has Elegant and sturdy design and 1300 watt efficient heaters.

3) Havells Crust 2 Pop up Toaster
Getting its power from a vigorous 800-watt motor, the Havells Crust 2 Slice Popup Toaster swanks a complete horde of superior features. Bundled with features like Illuminated Defrost and Auto Bread Centering, it adds on to a user friendly and unique user experience. Flaunting its huge 32mm bread slot, the toaster is a two-slice cool touch device that comes with a well-situated High-lift knob for slices that are smaller in size. Depicting its versatility, the toaster can a handle variety of bread types and serves you with fresh and perfectly brown bread.

4) Bajaj Majesty ATX 9 Auto Pop up Toaster
Bajaj Majesty ATX 9 Auto Pop Toaster is an incredible kitchen appliance bundled with features. It has 2 Slice capacity and works on 800 Watts of power with 230 V. for thicker bread slice, it has wide slots and sufficient space making it a versatile device. The cool touch body showcases a very elegant look and adds beauty to your kitchen. It endows its users with 6 Adjustable browning settings for them to toast according to their needs and convenience. The other features include Mid cycle cancel function, Reheat function and Defrost function.

5) Morphy Richards AT 201 Pop up Toaster
Morphy Richards AT 201 Pop up Toaster is a blessing to any kitchen. Equipped with all advanced features, it is one of the best toasters available. It is a 2 slice toaster with 7 settings for browning control and cancellation function. It comes with a hi-lift feature that smoothly removes small slices of bread. This automatic pop up machine has wider slots for various sizes of breads. The other features include crumb tray for easy cleaning and an anti slip feet design for comfortable usage.

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