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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Walk-in Bathtub

There are few things that offer you more enjoyment than having a warm bath after a long busy day, soothing your tired mind and body. For many centuries, mankind has enjoyed bathing in warm water’

There is a new range of bathtubs that offers a safe bathing solution for people with disabilities and the elderly. In addition, these walk-in bath tubs are designed to provide its users with many luxury experiences that not just rejuvenate them but also enhance their health as well as improve their lifestyle.

Following are the top 5 reasons or benefits of a walk in bath tub that have made it the latest buzzword in the mobility aid industry in Ireland.

1. Soothes Your Body

There are many models of walk-in baths available in the market that features luxury options like air and water jets. Air jets generate millions of micro size bubbles that soothes every part of your body and the water jet is used to point specific parts of your body to make you feel as if you’re taking a deep massage. The equipment comes with an ability to control the flow of air and water jets to best suit your needs. When your body is in the water, it eases the pressure on your muscles, joints and ligaments and gives you great relief. Walk in bath shower is highly beneficial for the patients of arthritis, back pain and other muscle or joint pain conditions.

2. Improve blood circulation

It is a proven fact that warm and soothing water from a walk in bath tub can play a crucial role in improving the circulation of blood by opening the capillaries adjacent to your skin’s top layer of the surface. It also improves circulation of oxygen in your skin cells and relieves you from many skin diseases, removes toxins, and improves the metabolism and the digestive system of your body.

3. Relieve You from Stress

Taking a shower in a walk-in bath tub that expels millions of small bubbles that hit your body will certainly help with relieving stress gently and smoothly. This approach also makes your body releases endorphins, the natural chemicals that prevent your body from the negative effects of stress. This hydrotherapy also works great for headaches, mainly when it is a result of stress or tension. The warmth and circulation of this contemporary bathtub design stimulates your body as well as mind to unwind on its own.

4. Get you better sleep

Do you find difficulty in having a good night’s sleep? Well, buying a good walk-in bathtub with advanced features can help you get more restful sleep.

5. Ensure Your Privacy and Independence

If you have any physical disability or a mobility issue, a walk in bath tub is a must for your home. If you face difficulty in getting in and out of a bath tub then you must choose one of those models of walk-in bath that have bath lifts to increase your mobility as well as ensure safety when in the bathroom.

So, when are you installing a walk in bath tub in your home?

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