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Top bicycle companies in India

Bicycle was invented in 1817 by Baron Von Drais from Germany.To describe the machine – it has two, in-line wheels and the ability to steer.Today bicycle comapanies in india have gone beyond the standard definition of bicycle as just a mode of transport.

Selling Points

  • health
  • green building & eco friendly
  • aesthetics & style statement
  • sport and stunts

Industry Segments

Bicycle industry in India is segmented on the basis of age,gender,looks and usage. Here is how we may look at it

  • Kids – For fun & games
  • Girls – For fun & transport nearby
  • Boys – For fun & transport nearby
  • Stunts – Showing great skills of stunts & sporting events

Top Bicycle Companies in India

Here is list of the top bicycle companies in India with good dealer network. Click on their names and surf through available range of products in their website .

1.    Hero: Hero Cycles Ltd.

Year Of establishment :  1956

Founder : Munjal Brothers

Hero Cycles produces over 18500 cycles a day today and has a market share of around 45% in India.So undoubted it is number one in terms of market share.

2.    BSA: Tube Investments of India Ltd.

Year Of establishment :  1949

Founder : Murugappa Group

Also known as TI cycles of India, BSA is highly reputed bicycle brand with innovative products. Out of all its brand hercules boasts of having a ranges of sporty looking cycles.

3. Atlas: Atlas Cycles Haryana Ltd.

Year Of establishment :  1951

Founder : Janki Das Kapur

A highly reputed brand targeting the mass population of rural India. It also has a great range in offer to the new generation bikers.

4. Nova :  Nova Bicycle Industries

Year Of establishment :  2002

Founder : Harmohinder Singh Pahwa

Started with the production capacity of 5000 bikes per month,NOVA now has its own Factory and produces 20000 bikes per month.

5. Firefox: Firefox Bikes Pvt. Ltd.

Year Of establishment :  2005

Founder : Shiv Inder Singh

Started by importing bicycles and then In June 2006 Firefox teamed up with Trek Bicycle Corp., USA, for exclusive distribution of Trek in India. They now have basic range to very high end bicycles.

So keep cycling towards a better health and live fit for old-age and wisdom.


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