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Top paint companies in India

paint companies in indiaPaints that are commonly used in residences,commercial complexes etc. are called decorative paints. In decorative segment again, categories of Paint could be Exterior & Interior.

There is a big market for decorative paints in India,hence all the top paint companies in India focus on this segment to a larger extent. Other such non decorative paints like automotive paints,industrial coatings and specialty chemicals are dominated by foreign players.

Type of paint to be used is decided based on the type of surface – Cemented surface, wood surface & metal surface.

Based on its application and desired output, paint can be applied using brush,roller or through spraying.

Paint can be applied as it is, diluting with water(water based),diluting with oil/thinner(oil based).

Based on the output (features,finish,durability etc.) required, chemical composition of the paint is determined.

Exterior Grade Paint Features

1. Sustainability in adverse weather condition.(Shade fading,peeling off etc.)

2. Preventing algae and fungus formation.

3. Durability – No. of years for repainting

Interior Grade Paint Features

1. Hygiene – No bacteria formation,Low on odor

2. Wash-ability – Cleaning walls with soap water

3. Aesthetics – finish(sheen level,brightness etc)

4. Odor – Duration of paint smell (lesser the better)

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Here is a list of top ten Paint Companies in India having range of exterior and interior grade of paint products.

1 . Asian Paints Ltd.

Website –
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra

2. Akzonobel India ltd.(Formerly ICI Paints Ltd.-Dulux)

Website –
Corporate office – Gurgaon, Haryana

3. Berger Paints India Limited

Website –
Corporate office – Kolkata, West Bengal

4. Kansai Nerolac

Website –
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharastra

5. Jotun

Website –
Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharastra

6. Nippon Paints

Corporate office – Chennai,Tamilnadu
Website –

7. Snowcem Paints

Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharastra
Website –

8. Shalimar paints

Corporate office – Mumbai, Maharashtra
Website –

9. Jenson & Nicholson (I) Ltd

Corporate office – Gurgaon, Haryana
Website –

10. British paints (Now an SBU of Berger Paints)

Corporate office – New Delhi
Website –


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